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7 Ways to Fit in Workouts Despite the Winter Weather

Winter’s here and the weather outside is frightful. It’s cold and snowy across much of the land, which, for some of us, is all the reason we need to stop exercising and hibernate. Why go out, where it’s cold, when you can stay inside, on the couch, where it’s cozy and there are snacks?… Read more »

7 To-do List Apps to Help You Get Stuff Done

One true fact about life today is that we all have too many things we want to get done. Despite the emergence of the “slow living” movement, it seems that most of us are short on time. But maybe we’re simply disorganized. We don’t prioritize, we don’t track our to-dos, we don’t … Read more »

Six Positive New Years Resolutions that will Actually Stick

New year, new you? This time of year, it’s hard to escape the new years resolution trap. But did you know that each year, only about 8% of people stick to their resolution? As a private practice dietitian, I think a big reason for that is because most people set punishing resolutions, committing to giving up things they love, or exercise routines that are impossible to keep up with.… Read more »

Why Diets Don’t Work

Every January, you vow to go on a diet, get fit, and lose weight. And every February, you lose steam and feel like a failure. Sound familiar?

Here’s the thing: it’s not your lack of willpower or self-control that’s the problem, it’s the dieting mentality itself. Diets and food rules set us up for failure and more than 90 to 95 percent of people who lose weight on diets will regain it back.… Read more »

What’s it Like to Shift to Plant-based Eating?

A few months ago, my wife and I decided to shift to plant-based eating. She had been heading in that direction for a little while, but for me the change was more or less over night. This isn’t a post about the reasons for shifting to plant-based foods—whether it’s a health thing, or related to the environment, politics or ethics—it’s simply to relay … Read more »