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The Ultimate Veggie Mashup

Think potatoes are the only veggies worth mashing? While there’s nothing like classic, buttery mashed Russets, a surprising amount of other vegetables work just as well mashed. They also bring along other nutrients, flavors and colors (some are better for you than potatoes), so why not switch it up from time to time?… Read more »

Farro: The Perfect Grain for Salads and Soup Alike

Long gone are the days when salads consisted solely of cucumbers, limp romaine, and a sad tomato wedge. These days salads tend to pack a nutritional punch, often with enough protein and whole grains for a post-yoga meal. And rising in popularity as a salad grain is farro, which has been a staple of Italian dining for hundreds of years.

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Take Your Floral Arrangements Up a Notch

You’re out shopping at the grocery store, and you see a few bouquets of flowers in a clump by the bakery. “Flowers,” you think. “That’s just what I needed to spruce up the apartment for tonight’s dinner party.” The challenge: the grocery store flowers don’t look so great. So what do you do?… Read more »

Holy Jalapeños!

I love me some jalapeños! I also love their Russian roulette factor… you never really know how spicy they will be. Rumors are flying around the web about why that’s the case. Some people claim hotter jalapeños are just older than their milder cousins; some say the hotter ones are grown in different climates; and others say the heat is concentrated in the pith and seeds. Whatever you believe, jalapeños aren’t actually that hot in the grand scheme of things. In fact, they’re some of the mildest peppers you can get­ according to the Scoville Scale.… Read more »

11 Beautiful Ways to Say Grace

Throughout history, people of all different cultures and religions have paused before a meal in order to express gratitude for the nourishment food provides. This practice not only leads to a more present and enjoyable eating experience, but also helps us appreciate the great communal effort that goes into growing, harvesting, and preparing each ingredient. Before your next meal, consider using one of these 11 ways to say “thank you”:

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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Freezer Doesn’t Become a Bottomless Pit

Ever open your freezer and wonder what the heck you’ve got crammed in there? I once helped a friend go through her over-packed freezer only to discover seven opened packages of the same pastry. Then there are the mystery containers… full of who knows what homemade meal that was once carefully hand prepared for future enjoyment but has since lost its identity and probably most of its flavor. Don’t let this happen to you! Check out our top five ways to make sure your freezer doesn’t become a bottomless pit of despair:
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How to Have a More Meaningful Meal

How often do you take the time notice the refreshing tang of a ripe blueberry, or the warmth of bread hot from the oven? Eating mindfully is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges we face when it comes to mealtime. Too often we find ourselves eating in front of the television, at our desk, or even in the car. Not only does distracted eating deny us the pure experience of a meal, but studies have shown that it can also lead to accidental overeating and weight gain. Eating mindfully allows us to press pause and enjoy the present moment.

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