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Vegan Carrot Cake in a Mug with Coconut Cream

Mugs can do much more than hold your favourite hot beverages. They’re also great for making just one or two servings of something delicious to eat. In fact, you can make a variety of snacks
and desserts using a mug and your microwave, which is exactly what our in-house culinary genius Gabriel Cabrera (The Artful Desperado) did with this recipe. It’s a decadent carrot cake in a mug with … Read more »

How Much do You Know About Whole Grains? (Quiz)

We love whole grains here at Luvo, but we know many of you may still be confused about them. That confusion is perpetuated by ambiguous language on food packaging along with “experts” who make claims that just aren’t true. There’s also the noise surrounding what’s nutritious, and what’s not, and that makes it’s hard to keep it all straight. Fear not, because we’ve designed this quiz to bring you some clarity when it comes to … Read more »

Re-Light Your Work Fire Before You Get Fired

We’ve all been through a period where our passion for work has waned. Maybe you’ve just finished a big project and everything else feels mundane, or maybe you’re feeling underused and uninspired. Sometimes when you’ve got new interests outside of work, it can leave you feeling like your current gig just isn’t doing it for you. If the feeling keeps up… Read more »

6 Healthy Junk Food Hacks

Did you know that July 21st was National Junk Food Day? You might be surprised that as a dietitian, I love the idea of having an entire day to celebrate junk food! Filling your plate with fresh, whole food or tasty, convenient meals made from real ingredients (like Luvo!), is one of the best things you can do for health. But… Read more »

Ultimate Guide to Pho

Pho is everywhere! And with good reason: it’s the perfect food. Pho is ideal for cool rainy days when you need a soothing comfort food, and nice even in warmer weather, with its light rice noodles, crunchy sprouts and thin, savory broth. I’m getting hungry just writing this. Need a primer on pho and why it’s so great? Read on.… Read more »

3 of the Healthiest Salad Dressings You’ll Ever Eat

I decided to fully embrace the dietitian in me for this article and recommend dressing your vegetable salads with…vegetables. Plenty of us are still falling short of reaching the recommended 2 ½ cup equivalents of veggies per day. Salads are a great way to work towards that goal, but unfortunately, many commercial salad dressings are laden with calories, yet lacking any significant nutritional benefit. The solution? Flavorful, … Read more »

7 Healthy Foods to Satisfy Junk Food Cravings

Cravings are something everyone struggles with, even people who consistently eat a healthy diet. Occasional junk food is fine, especially if you are eating mindfully. But when these treats become go-to’s on a weekly basis (or more), it can be trouble. Here are swaps for seven of the most common junk foods so that you can satisfy your cravings without the guilt.… Read more »