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Which Nut Are You? (QUIZ)

Are you always the one at the party who hovers over the bowl of mixed nuts? Do you keep a secret stash in your desk at work? Perhaps your love of nuts reveals more about your personality than you know. Take our quiz to find out which nut owns your soul!… Read more »

A Dietitian’s Guide to Ordering Takeout

Cooking at home is typically much healthier (and cheaper) than eating out. But occasionally there will be days when it’s much easier to order in than cook yourself. Thankfully, getting take out doesn’t have to completely ruin your healthy eating habits. With a little bit of planning it’s possible to put together a healthy, balanced meal from … Read more »

9 Healthier Post Breakup Foods

Few have made it to adulthood without experiencing the four stages of grief from a breakup firsthand. First, there’s denial. This is the stage when you show up at their house for the date you had planned a week earlier, presuming the “I think we need a break” was metaphorical. Then comes anger. Avoid the slightly-more-than-one glass (bottle) of wine and … Read more »

Genius Alternatives for Everyday Kitchen Tools

How satisfying is it when you discover a genius alternate use for a kitchen gadget? You can’t help but feel like MacGyver, splicing together random items to save that day in the nick of time. Maybe it’s not quite that dramatic, but it certainly helps you save kitchen space when you can use one item to do more than one job, … Read more »

A Beginner’s Guide to Sourdough Bread

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, or read any food blogs, you’ve probably noticed a lot of people talking and taking pictures of bread. Bread-making seems to be experiencing a resurgence, and one of the hot, crusty topics is how to make your own sourdough loaf at home. It’s a bit of a process, but the rewards are immense: delicious, crusty, … Read more »

What Fruits and Vegetables are In Season in May?

The freshness of spring is well upon us now, and just around the corner summer is peaking above the horizon. That, of course, means that fresh fruits and vegetables are gathering nutrients from the soil and sun and will soon be on our plates, if they aren’t already. In fact, many are ready. Here are just a few of the fresh items that may be available… Read more »