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Tomato and Habanero Caesar Cocktail

If you live stateside, the Caesar cocktail might be new to you. But little do you know, our Canadian neighbors have been keeping the absolute best brunch cocktail from us. Rude, I know.

Similar to a bloody mary, instead of tomato juice, a Caesar cocktail is made with Clamato, tomato juice infused with clam broth and spices. It might sound odd, but it adds a delicious briny, umami flavor.… Read more »

Five Unique Takes on Caesar Salad

When you order a Caesar salad, you pretty much know what you’re going to get. Crisp romaine lettuce. Crunchy croutons. Creamy, garlicky dressing that’s heavy on the black pepper. Salty and savory parmesan cheese, and lots of it. It’s delicious, but it’s been done before.… Read more »

Classic Canadian Foods You May Not Know

This year Canada celebrates the 150th anniversary of Confederation, when the colonies of Upper Canada (now Ontario), Lower Canada (now Quebec), Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were brought together to form a cold new country. The nation has seen many changes since then, as more provinces and territories were officially added, and immigrants arrived from all over … Read more »

The Best Breakfast Foods for Runners

In order to have enough energy to fuel your run – whether that be an early morning run or interval training after work – you need to eat breakfast. After fasting overnight while you sleep, your body needs fuel to rev your metabolism and give you energy for any subsequent exercise.… Read more »