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Cashew Rose Sauce: Your New Favourite Vegan Pasta Sauce

If you’re trying to eat less dairy or you’re lactose intolerant, alternatives that taste just as good as the real thing can make it easier. Rose sauce gives you a nice balance between the tang of tomato sauce and the creaminess of Alfredo sauce, and you can make it completely vegan with just a few ingredients. Vegan chefs know that cashews are the secret ingredient when … Read more »

How to Include Alcohol in a Healthy Diet

Food and alcohol are a big part of how we connect and socialize with friends and family – a good thing, if you ask me! But if you’re trying to make healthy changes to your diet, knowing if and how you can include alcohol can be confusing.… Read more »

Pop Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Soda

Soda sales are on the decline, but you wouldn’t know if from the amount of marketing and product placement it gets. Here’s a pop quiz to test what you know about the sometimes-sweet carbonated drink.

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Busting Three Myths about Diabetes Nutrition

As a dietitian who spent five years working as a diabetes educator, I’ve seen my fair share of patients feeling completely exhausted and confused after googling “diabetes diet.” There are few medical diagnoses with more inaccurate, misleading and conflicting … Read more »

Tips for Getting Your Kids Into Cooking

Getting your kids excited about cooking can help them form healthy habits as they grow up, and cooking and eating together is always a great way to strengthen your family bond. At my house, I use a few different tactics to help my kids find their way around the… Read more »

Four Ways to Reboot Your Immune System

Sometimes life makes it difficult to prioritize self care. Whether it’s stressful days at the office to meet a work deadline, a week of eating out while on vacation, or long sleepless nights with a newborn, there’s time where it’s impossible to give our body the care it needs.… Read more »

Airbnb Fridge and Freezer Guide

You made your flight, brought your list of must-see sights, and arrived at your destination. Now, the only thing left to do is decide what to eat. Let’s be honest, that’s one of the best things about traveling. Here’s our guide on how to stock your fridge or freezer at your rental home, apartment or couch.… Read more »