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A Day in The Life of a Sports Nutritionist

Our profile of registered dietitian nutritionists continues today with a field near and dear to my heart: sports nutrition. I was lucky enough to meet Cynthia Sass, MPH, MA, RD, CSSD, a few years ago, after being a fan of hers since I started in the field of nutrition. Cynthia is a NYC and LA-based sports nutritionist … Read more »

7 Ways to Save on Groceries

We spend a big portion of our expenses on food. Buying regularly from the grocery store is certainly more cost-effective than eating out all the time, and you can save even more by using a few common sense strategies when you go shopping. Here are a few of our favorites. Read more »

6 Lunch Mistakes You’re Probably Making

(and what to do instead)

Are you are one of the many amazing people who packs their lunch everyday? Pat yourself on the back! Often times it’s that small act makes a huge difference when it comes to your overall health. But while packing your lunch is indeed a feat that should be praised, it’s really what’s inside that lunch bag that matters. Perhaps it’s time to ask yourself, “am I packing foods that … Read more »

1 Luvo Bowl = 5 New Meal Ideas

Mighty Masala & Greens Edition

Luvo’s bowls are great as is, but with the addition of a few ingredients you can easily transform them into a completely new meal. I challenged myself to do that with a one of my favorite bowl from Luvo’s Planted Power line of products. … Read more »

6 Ways to Make Your St. Patrick’s Day EXTRA Green

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a green beer is a time-honored tradition but green food coloring doesn’t exactly add anything remarkable to the beer experience. Why not make your St. Patty’s Day extra green with these much more delicious and nutritious options?… Read more »

A Dietitian’s Guide to Navigating the Frozen Food Aisle

Good news! 26% of total U.S. grocery shoppers are shopping in the frozen foods department more frequently than last year, according to The Future of Frozen, produced by Acosta Sales & Marketing. Convenience is one of the driving forces of consumers’ grocery shopping purchases. Consumers are now busier than ever and their … Read more »