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Nutrition Myth Busting: Health Halos

Part 2 of our Nutrition Myth-Busting series focuses on foods with “health halos.” How does a food earn health halo status? Usually it means that it has an attribute (like organic or natural) that seems nourishing, but the attribute doesn’t actually speak to nutrition. And often times, consumers are totally unaware of the fact that the food isn’t as nutritious as they think it is. Are you ready to bust these “health halo” foods? We take aim at some of… Read more »

Bringing Southern Soul to Vancouver

An interview with Peckinpah owner Tyson Reimer

A short while ago, Luvo launched a few new southern U.S.-inspired dishes, BBQ Sauce and Chicken Chorizo Chili. We thought it would be a great idea to sit down with Tyson Reimer, owner of Peckinpah, Vancouver’s southern-cooking hotspot, to learn a bit more about the ingredients, culture and cuisine.… Read more »

Russell Wilson at 39,000 feet

I don’t think you can ever prep for the day you’re sitting beside a Superbowl champion at 39,000 feet altitude. But Russell Wilson is sporting a Hawaiian shirt with jeans, and his relaxed and friendly demeanour invites me to just sit back and enjoy the ride with the 26-year old Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback.

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Festivus: Airing of Grievances

Continuing on with our Festivus festivities, comes another cherished tradition coined by the Costanzas. A Festivus celebration always begins with the Airing of Grievances, which must take place the moment the Festivus feast is served.

Beginning at the head of the table, each person takes a turn lashing out at others (and society in general), describing how they’ve been disappointed during the course of the year. What seems negative at first can be viewed as a cleansing or clean slate in preparation for the New Year ahead. Or, things could get hostile. Either way, we sat down with Luvo’s VP of Nutrition Samantha Cassetty to get her take on eating right and being well throughout the holidays.

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Confessions of a Food Truck Driver

One of the most interesting aspects of running a food truck is the fascinating people you meet each day We interviewed two of our favorite local food trucks here in Vancouver, BC (Luvo Headquarters) to get the skinny right from the source.

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6 Questions with Food Artist Julie Lee


As I began my daily —and bottomless— trip into the food blog newsreel a few weeks ago, artist Julie Lee’s meticulously arranged food-collages stopped me dead in my tracks. I instantly found myself getting lost in her adventures at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market and in her own urban garden, and (like most fans) venturing into her dreamy instagram filled with the most beautiful, naturally lit patterns made-up of vibrant and seasonal vegetables, fruit and flowers.  … Read more »