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Dai Manuel’s Chore Workout

Keeping up with your fitness goals is easy when you open your eyes to all the possibilities around you in your day-to-day life. Take chores, for example. Getting your elbow grease flowing is a great way to burn some calories while enjoying the satisfaction of knocking tasks off your to-do list. I especially love this workout because my partner’s love language just happens to be acts of … Read more »

How to Eat Like a Local No Matter Where You Are

My biggest fear when traveling is eating a bad meal or, even worse, eating at an overpriced, touristy restaurant. To me, food is one of the best ways to experience a new country, city and culture. My goal is always to find the hidden local restaurants, coffee shops or bars, anything off the beaten path. I want to… Read more »

How to Fuel Your Next Netflix Binge

The next episode will start playing in 5 seconds. Hurry – grab your next snack before the next episode starts.

We’ve all been there – “accidentally” spending countless number of hours watching our favorite series. Binge-watching Netflix is a serious thing. It takes commitment, skill, and snacks… a lot of snacks.… Read more »

French Cooking Decoder

It’s hard to deny that the French know a thing or two about cooking. What could be wrong about enjoying copious amounts of cheese and wine? Classic French cooking is revered as some of the best in the world (when executed correctly, of course), which likely has something to do with the fact that it’s been around since the 17th century. You know what they say… practice makes… Read more »

What is Your Spirit Noodle? (Quiz)

Thanks to Bon Appetit, I recently found out that the singular term for spaghetti is ‘spaghetto’ and my world turned upside down. I also found out that noodles and pasta aren’t the same thing (duh). They differ in their ingredients and how they are made. Pasta, of which there are over 350 varieties, is generally made with durum semolina flour.… Read more »

Cooking vs. Carving: What to Do with Pumpkins

We’re in the heart of October, which can only mean one thing: It’s time to pick out a few perfect pumpkins. They are a staple decoration for many homes in October, obviously, but there’s more to them that. Sometimes we forget that pumpkins are edible, since many of us buy pumpkin puree in a can to make pie or other treats. Struggling with… Read more »

5 Must-Have Pantry Items for Fall

With the seasons changing, so will mealtime. The fall season brings cool crisp breezes, colorful leaves, leaving us craving cozy and comforting meals. Stock your pantry with 5 useful versatile ingredients to whip up fall-inspired recipes.… Read more »