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Which Food Emoji Are You? (Quiz)

Like it or not, emoji have become an extremely popular form of communication. Why waste time typing out a descriptive sentence about your mood or activities when there’s a perfectly cute little icon you could use instead?… Read more »

7 Reasons to Start Running

The weather’s turning as winter slides into spring. The days are longer and the sun is showing up more often. For many of us, it means it’s an invitation to spend more time outside, to emerge from hibernation for fresh air and outdoor exercise. Sure, the gym has been great, but it’s time to see the sky again. And what better time of … Read more »

Morning Routines for Better Health

The word “routine” sounds so boring. Routines tend to be monotonous, tedious and dull. But that’s kind of the point. A regular morning routine can make the difference between a focused and productive day or a stressful day spent playing catch up.… Read more »

8 Healthy Ways to Cope with Anxiety

Have you experienced anxiety before an important life event, worried about a work deadline, or nervous about an important exam? Fear, stress, and anxiety are normal feelings and experiences that are a part of life. While everyone most likely may experience some sort of anxiety in the course of their life, it can differ in what causes … Read more »

7 Ways to Save on Groceries

We spend a big portion of our expenses on food. Buying regularly from the grocery store is certainly more cost-effective than eating out all the time, and you can save even more by using a few common sense strategies when you go shopping. Here are a few of our favorites. Read more »

11 Ways to Carve out More Time for Yourself

Time. Everybody wants more of it, but it’s a limited commodity. The trick is knowing how to use your 24 hours each day to make sure you get everything done that needs to get done, while saving a bit for yourself. Here are a few ideas for carving out more time—to spend on the things you care about most.… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Do Exercise You Hate

Already dreading that early morning boot camp? Are your 30 minutes on the elliptical starting to feel like 30 years? Not getting that post-workout high everyone keeps talking about?

Exercise has tons of benefits. It’s been shown to help relieve stress and anxiety. It gives you time for a mental break, a moment to … Read more »