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Totally Genius Freezer Tricks You Need to Try

Since the freezer was introduced as a household appliance in 1940, it has revolutionized the way food is stored in the home. Frozen foods were at one time a luxury, but became commonplace with the invention of a freezer component to the household refrigerator. By freezing various foods, whether … Read more »

Which Cereal Mascot Should Be Your BFF? (QUIZ)

Every cereal has its own personality. From the fun and spirited, to the fun and confident, to the fun and adventurous. Okay, so they’re all fun. That’s probably to encourage people to wake up in the morning. But each type of fun has subtle nuances that are quite revealing. It made us wonder, based on your personality, which cereal mascot is your soul mate and best friend forever?… Read more »

The Surprising Reason You Lose Your Willpower

It’s midday on Wednesday, and you’re under pressure to get a work project finished by the end of the day while trying to get out of work on time so you can make a friend’s birthday dinner. 4pm rolls around, and someone brings in fresh baked cookies. Despite all your good intentions, you end up eating three … Read more »

3 Ways The Olympics Helped Me Become a Better Parent

Being a mom and being an Olympian have a lot of similarities. Both pursuits are challenging and exhausting, but an Olympic journey is only four years long. It’s also filled with lots of rest and people are there along the way to support your performance. It’s safe to say that parenting does not usually come with these benefits.… Read more »

Simple & Healthy Appetizer Recipes For Your Oscar Party

Awards season is upon us and there’s no better excuse to indulge in celebrity glamor and Hollywood-worthy appetizers than Oscar night. If you’re planning an Oscar party, look no further than these simple appetizers. These bite sized hors d’oeuvres taste so decadent, you’d never know they were healthy. So … Read more »