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6 Foods for Healthier Hair

Skip the expensive hair products and eat your way to healthier hair. There are certain foods that contain micronutrients that can help maintain healthier hair.… Read more »

7 Ways to Beat Dry Skin

Dry skin can be a real nuisance! It’s itchy, it’s flaky, and it’s not pretty. Are you doing everything in your power to escape its menacing clutches? If you suffer from dry skin, try these tips for maintaining moisture throughout your biggest organ.… Read more »

How To Exfoliate Everything

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells from outer surface of the skin, and it’s an essential part of grooming. If your skin looks dull, has lost its youthful glow, or you’re breaking out more than usual, dead skin cells may be responsible. Regular exfoliation can help restore your glow by removing the dead skin cells that have overstayed their welcome … Read more »

What are the Best Foods for Beauty? (Quiz)

Let food be thy medicine! While one of the absolute best things you can do for health is eat a diet that is overall rich in whole foods, there are certain foods that seem to have special benefit for specific organs or systems. Test your knowledge to see if you know which foods are best for what.… Read more »

DIY Hair Treatments to Rehydrate Your Scalp

Luxurious beauty treatments don’t need to cost a fortune or come packed with chemical ingredients you can’t even pronounce. We want our food to be wholesome, so why doesn’t that translate into what we put on the outside of our bodies too? Next time your hair is looking … Read more »

How to Build a Salad For Your Skin

You religiously wash your makeup off, moisturize on a daily basis, and never step foot outside without applying SPF. Sure, creams and serums are important elements but so is what you eat.

Good skin happens from the inside out; whatever is going on inside your digestive system will eventually show on … Read more »

Keep Your Feet Healthy This Summer

Warmer weather means you’re probably busting out your flip flops and open-toed shoes on a regular basis. Maybe you’re even going barefoot on the beach, in the grass, on the sidewalk… or wearing your flats without socks. All of these habits can leave your feet dry, cracked, blistered, smelly and not exactly pleasing to the eye. Here are a few … Read more »