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5 Apps I Use to Stay On Track

Sticking to a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge, but having the right tools at your disposal can help keep you on track. I’m a big fan of technology that makes life easier, especially when you can access it on your pocket computer (aka your smartphone). I’ve tried a lot of different apps and a few of them have … Read more »

5 Fresh Places To Picnic This Spring

Picnics are one of my favorite things to do in the spring and summer. From spur-of-the-moment sandwiches on the lawn to well-planned feasts with friends—what’s not to love about spending time outside, among the trees and butterflies, enjoying great company and a plate (or three) of delicious food? Whether you pick the standard afternoon time slot or a breakfast-themed bash, eating outdoors is always rejuvenating and relaxing.… Read more »

France Tackles Food Waste

Collectively, we waste a lot of food. Food we buy but don’t eat, food we grow and ship but stores assume no one wants, food left on store shelves or discarded because the “best before” date is coming up. These are just some of the reasons that perfectly good food ends up in landfills. A report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates… Read more »

Bringing Southern Soul to Vancouver

An interview with Peckinpah owner Tyson Reimer

A short while ago, Luvo launched a few new southern U.S.-inspired dishes, BBQ Sauce and Chicken Chorizo Chili. We thought it would be a great idea to sit down with Tyson Reimer, owner of Peckinpah, Vancouver’s southern-cooking hotspot, to learn a bit more about the ingredients, culture and cuisine.… Read more »

4 Ways to Make This Year a Life-Changing Year

Every year around this time we start to think about new years’ resolutions. And why not? What better way to start the year off than with a few goals that will help you be happier and feel fantastic? It’s a great idea in theory—the challenge is that … Read more »

Find Your #DailyGoodness with Derek Jeter

One of the great things about the beginning of a year is that is gives all of us an opportunity to reset and refocus on what matters. At Luvo, the team is focused on nutrition. It’s always been at the core of our products, but we want to make … Read more »

Message from Christine: The Gift of Nutrition

I was first exposed to the issue of food insecurity through my six-year association on the Board of First Place School, a school for children living in poverty in Seattle. At the time, I lived in the Lake Washington community with my husband and children and was not aware that food insecurity existed right in our own neighbourhood. The reality is, food insecurity is an issue in communities throughout the United States and Canada. It’s not something that is talked about enough and it’s not easy for families to find a … Read more »