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Must Have BBQ Accessories

Barbecue season is upon us. Of course, for die-hard BBQers, it’s always that season. You know who you are: the people who pull the BBQ close to your sliding door so that even in the snow, sleet, rain or hail, you can lean out from the kitchen to flip your steaks or veggie dogs. If you’re one of those … Read more »

Simple & Healthy Appetizer Recipes For Your Oscar Party

Awards season is upon us and there’s no better excuse to indulge in celebrity glamor and Hollywood-worthy appetizers than Oscar night. If you’re planning an Oscar party, look no further than these simple appetizers. These bite sized hors d’oeuvres taste so decadent, you’d never know they were healthy. So … Read more »

The Ultimate Tools for Eating Outdoors

We’re in the heart of summer, the last days of August. If you haven’t already enjoyed a few picnics in the park or camp-outs under the stars, it might be time to get on it. In much of Canada and the U.S., September is also prime outdoor eating month, and even early October, in some places. But why wait? Get your gear and gang together and get out there. … Read more »

Sumac, Coconut, and Tomato Watermelon Salad

Are you looking for something to knock the socks off everyone at your next glamping weekend getaway? Something even Goopy Paltrow herself would drool over? Look no further than this exceptional summer watermelon salad. Inspired by a Chef Graham Elliot creation and masterminded by Gabriel Cabrera (The Artful Desperado), it’s a fresh and flavorful take on a summer classic just in time or National Watermelon Day. … Read more »

Building a Breakfast Board

With breakfast, timing is everything. Coordinating a hot meal with everything coming together at just the right moment is sometimes just too hard for a weekend morning—especially if you’re entertaining friends or family and you’d rather be chatting. The breakfast board is the perfect solution. It lets you pull together a bunch of different elements, including some nutritious ingredients, spread them out in a pleasing way, and have people pick and choose and nibble whatever they feel like eating. It’s breakfast democracy on a platter.
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Grilling Food Safety 101

With long summer days ahead of us, it’s the perfect time to brush up on your grilling food safety. Bacteria multiply faster at warmer temperatures, which means cooking and eating outdoors in the summer heat can present a food safety challenge. So whether you’re a weekend-only griller, or you fire up the grill on a daily basis, keep your summer barbecue safe with these tips.… Read more »

Unique and Useful Kitchen Appliance Dictionary

We’ve all seen a shiny, sleek appliance in a cool kitchen store and wondered how fast we could buy it and get it home. Sometimes when you do that, you don’t end up using it. It just takes up space on the counter or closet and doesn’t change your life like you thought it would. But there are, in fact, many interesting and essential … Read more »