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How to Get Your Kids to be Active

I was fortunate to grow up in a household that valued physical activity, sports, and outdoor play. From a young age I discovered the freedom of movement and the joy of challenging myself through sport. I wasn’t aware of it at the time but my numerous opportunities to play with my family outdoors and participate in … Read more »


Why Working Out Can Cause Weight Gain

You start an exercise program, only to see the number on the scale start to go up. Sound familiar? Don’t panic. While exercise is important for your health and your weight loss, if you aren’t careful you might find yourself gaining weight. There are a variety of reasons for this, most of which will diminish if you keep at it.… Read more »


3 Quick Moves You Can Do (At Your Desk!) To Tighten Your Butt

If your daily schedule is just too jam packed to make it to the gym, don’t give up on your fitness goals just yet. You don’t have to quit your job to get a butt that won’t quit! Just try these simple exercises you can do at your desk. (Disclaimer: please do not hold us responsible for any strange looks from coworkers, but do remember us fondly when you start seeing results.)… Read more »


Your Guide to Group Fitness

For some, exercise is a solo enterprise. Some of us prefer to run, swim or stretch by ourselves, with nothing but the sound of our heartbeat, podcast or carefully curated playlist to keep us company. But others prefer to get sweaty in the company of others. Group exercise classes have become a spiritual experience, with an inspiring and endorphin-generating workout combined with the social benefits of joining a like-minded community of passionate,… Read more »


Marathon Training Meal Plan

You’re preparing for a long-distance race, logging miles and miles on the trail and the treadmill to get ready. But have you prepared nutritionally? Good nutrition is important throughout the entire training process, not just the days leading up to the race. Eating the right foods, at the right times, ensures you have enough fuel in your tank to get you through your runs. Here are some guidelines to follow while you are training.… Read more »


The Best Foods to Eat for Post-Workout Recovery

You hit the gym and power through your workouts, but are you fueling your body sufficiently afterward? Exercise causes wear and tear on your body. The food you eat post-workout helps to heal your muscles to build them up even stronger. If you aren’t eating until hours later, or if you aren’t making the best food choices, you’ll end up weaker rather than stronger. Or, even worse, you may end up injured.… Read more »


Natalie Coughlin’s Tips For Workout Recovery

Natalie Coughlin is one of the most decorated American athletes of all time. As a 12-time Olympic medalist and 20-time World Championship medalist, she has a deep understanding of the nutritional requirements to fuel workouts and competitions, as well as post-activity recovery. She’s also a Luvo Ambassador, and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to speak to her about her top tips for proper recovery from workouts of all kinds. Read more »