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Natural Bug Repellent Guide

In much of North America, bug season is here. The annoying ones that bite, as well as kind that proliferate around garbage cans and compost bins, such as fruit flies and ants. With the warmer weather, we are opening our doors and windows, so there are more opportunities for critters to get inside. It seems like the perfect time to look into ways to prevent and combat pests in the home.… Read more »

How Well Do You Know Your Seedlings?

I like to play a game when I drive past a farm or orchard, and try to guess what fruit or vegetable I’m looking at. I usually lose, and I’m the only one playing. Of course, the game only works when someone else in the car has a pretty good knowledge of fruits and vegetables, because I typically don’t have a clue what I’m looking at. We … Read more »

How To Craft The Perfect Live Herb Garden

Fresh herbs make for such a great way to pump up the taste in practically anything. A few green onions in your scrambled eggs, some fresh basil in pasta sauce or chopped up cilantro in your gauc—really we could go on forever. When you buy fresh herbs in the store it’s hard to keep them, well, fresh. But if you have a live herb … Read more »

How to Plan Your Container Garden

Spring is underway, which means it’s time to think about all the great stuff you can grow in your massive garden this summer. What’s that, you don’t have a massive garden? Me neither. All I have is a small patio off my fourth floor apartment, about eight feet by five feet. But I’m really lucky that it’s south-facing, and … Read more »

Learn How to Eat Wild Plants

Eating Wild Edible Plants

The idea of eating locally grown food has spread far and wide. The standard for many restaurants is to source as much of their menu as possible from farmers within a few hundred kilometres. But only eating items grown neatly in rows at a farm still leaves a lot of edible items uneaten—the wild ones. There are … Read more »

Veggies to Grow in Cool Climates

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of growing your own food. It’s kind of like you’re raising your own little plant children–you plant them and water them and tend to them and try to protect them from the elements so they can grow big and strong. Then it gets kind of messed up because you eat them, but you get the idea.… Read more »