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7 Ways to Save on Groceries

We spend a big portion of our expenses on food. Buying regularly from the grocery store is certainly more cost-effective than eating out all the time, and you can save even more by using a few common sense strategies when you go shopping. Here are a few of our favorites. Read more »

Food I Always Have in the Freezer

Not to brag or anything, but my freezer game is pretty strong. I love to use this major appliance to save time and make healthy eating easy for my family. Don’t get me wrong – I … Read more »

5 Vegan Staples You Should Try

Stocking a vegan pantry is pretty fun. Why is that? Because some of the most utilized ingredients in a vegan way of eating are the most underutilized in the Western diet. Maybe we have something to learn! From nutritional yeast to hemp seeds, there is an amazing array of nourishing, plant-based ingredients that make vegan eating … Read more »

5 Must-Have Pantry Items for Fall

With the seasons changing, so will mealtime. The fall season brings cool crisp breezes, colorful leaves, leaving us craving cozy and comforting meals. Stock your pantry with 5 useful versatile ingredients to whip up fall-inspired recipes.… Read more »

6 Ways to Make Grocery Shopping Fun

It’s one of those things we all must do at some point, whether we like it or not: Buying groceries. To be honest, I usually enjoy it. Strolling the aisles, taking time to slow down and think about what I want to eat that week. But of course it can feel mundane, like a chore. So how do you recharge your grocery shopping experience? Here are a few of our favorite ways.… Read more »

How to Cook Every Type of Onion

If there’s one food that’s a staple in almost every cuisine, it’s onions. They can be grown almost anywhere, last a long time in storage, and are inexpensive, making onions a common pantry ingredient around the world.… Read more »