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What Should You Have for Lunch Today? (QUIZ)

“What should I have for lunch?” is one of life’s recurring questions. Most of us don’t have time every day to prepare a tasty and healthy multi-course lunch, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy something that’s satisfying and nutritious—sometimes we just need a hand deciding what that might be. Well wonder no more! This quiz will help you determine the right lunch for you today.… Read more »

Which Food on a Stick Are You? (QUIZ)

Whoever invented the practice of consuming food on a stick was one of the greatest minds of our time. So convenient. So tasty. So many options! Are you a food-on-a-stick aficionado? Take this quiz to find out which one you would be if you were reincarnated as a consumable on a skewer.… Read more »

Which Cereal Mascot Should Be Your BFF? (QUIZ)

Every cereal has its own personality. From the fun and spirited, to the fun and confident, to the fun and adventurous. Okay, so they’re all fun. That’s probably to encourage people to wake up in the morning. But each type of fun has subtle nuances that are quite revealing. It made us wonder, based on your personality, which cereal mascot is your soul mate and best friend forever?… Read more »

Which Cocktail Should You Drink on Oscar Night? (QUIZ)

Are you adventurous? Do you like fancy cocktails? Are you planning on having an Oscar viewing soiree? Do you like taking nonsensical quizzes to help you make decisions? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place! Take this quiz to find out which cocktail you should make to … Read more »

What’s Your Spirit Pizza? (QUIZ)

Pizza is one of the world’s most perfect foods. Since the Italians introduced it to our continent, it’s taken on many different forms (all of which are equally delicious). If you’re a pizza connoisseur, you likely prefer a specific type of pie. Perhaps you don’t discriminate and love pizza in all its iterations. Take this quiz and see which pizza best encapsulates your personality… … Read more »

What is Your Actual Spirit Vegetable? (QUIZ)

Many of us know our spirit animal, that wild creature that best represents our personality and unconscious essence. But did you know that each of us also has a spirit vegetable? It’s true. Your spirit vegetable is the veggie that best reflects your personality if you were a vegetable. Read on to … Read more »

Luvo Quiz: Match The Fictional Restaurant With Its TV Show

Whether it’s a drama, sit com or otherwise, every TV show seems to have a beloved restaurant or café where the main characters go to congregate, eat and drink. If you fancy yourself a TV buff with a knack for noticing such details, test your knowledge with this fun quiz!

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