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Which Food Emoji Are You? (Quiz)

Like it or not, emoji have become an extremely popular form of communication. Why waste time typing out a descriptive sentence about your mood or activities when there’s a perfectly cute little icon you could use instead?… Read more »

Pop Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Soda

Soda sales are on the decline, but you wouldn’t know if from the amount of marketing and product placement it gets. Here’s a pop quiz to test what you know about the sometimes-sweet carbonated drink.

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What is Your Spirit Noodle? (Quiz)

Thanks to Bon Appetit, I recently found out that the singular term for spaghetti is ‘spaghetto’ and my world turned upside down. I also found out that noodles and pasta aren’t the same thing (duh). They differ in their ingredients and how they are made. Pasta, of which there are over 350 varieties, is generally made with durum semolina flour.… Read more »

How Much do you Know about Salt? (Quiz)

Salt is essential for cooking, helping bring out flavors and preserving foods. And it’s essential for our bodies too. Salt contains sodium, which our cells use for a variety of functions. But how much do we need? And how much are we consuming? Here are a few important salt facts you may not know.

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Which Stone Fruit Are You? (Quiz)

Summer is the season of stone fruit. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and they all have a slightly different character and flavor.

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Which Mustard Are You? (Quiz)

Mmmmm mustard! One of life’s greatest condiments. Who knew such incredible flavor could be attributed to a tiny, unassuming seed? The mighty mustard seed can be served whole, ground, cracked, or pulverized and mixed with other flavouring agents like vinegar, honey and lemon juice to produce a… Read more »

Which Ice Cream Flavor Are You? (QUIZ)

Deciding on an ice cream flavor can be downright challenging, especially on a sunny day when you’ve got a craving for a creamy, sweet treat. With so many delicious options available, we thought we’d offer a helping hand by helping … Read more »