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A Millennial’s Guide to Restaurant Etiquette

Life is just a series of awkward social scenarios separated by nighttime and loneliness. Okay, that may be a bit harsh, but stressful questions of social norms do seem to confront us at every turn. The notion is the entire basis for Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm and a million other movies and TV shows. And these incidents often arise at … Read more »

Your Guide to Knives

Most kitchens have a knife block jammed with a bunch of semi-sharp knives of different shapes, sizes and blade configurations. If you’re like me, you have a favorite, or, more likely, you just grab whatever one is cleanest and closest. But each knife has its own reason for existing, its unique cutting situation that it was designed for. And… Read more »

Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Ah road trips. Nothing screams “summer” and “freedom” like a car full of friends and family and the open road ahead. Road trips are often synonymous with eating, so that car is also probably full of food. What is it about being in a car that makes you want to eat lots and lots of snacks? Whether it’s food you bring along, or… Read more »

Set Up Your Office Fridge For Success

Eating healthy is a lot easier when you set yourself up for success! We’ve already covered how to stock your desk for more delicious and wholesome lunching and snacking in our post on building the ultimate desk pantry now it’s time to tackle the fridge! Here’s how to stock the fridge in your office to support your healthy eating goals:… Read more »

7 Simple Cooking Hacks for Better Health

I would be doing everyone a disservice if I claimed that cooking healthy at home is a zero work, ultra convenient commitment. The truth is, it often involves extra time, shifts in lifelong behaviors, and breaking out of comfort zones. But, that’s okay. Accepting that investing in your health isn’t always easy and comfortable is the first step … Read more »

9 Healthier Post Breakup Foods

Few have made it to adulthood without experiencing the four stages of grief from a breakup firsthand. First, there’s denial. This is the stage when you show up at their house for the date you had planned a week earlier, presuming the “I think we need a break” was metaphorical. Then comes anger. Avoid the slightly-more-than-one glass (bottle) of wine and … Read more »