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Chana Masala– Ingredient Breakdown

How many times have you flipped over the package to look at the nutrition facts label to make a decision about a product? Look beyond the nutrition facts label and take a look at the ingredients to help you make a more informed decision.… Read more »

Why It Is Ok To Eat The Whole Egg

Eggs are a cornerstone of many diets. They’re used not just for breakfast, but are great for a quick lunch or dinner, a high-protein snack, or as an ingredient in all sorts of sweet and savory recipes. But whole eggs have long been villainized, in large part thanks to their high cholesterol content (a large egg contains about 200 mg of cholesterol).… Read more »

Why Every Day Should Be National Eat What You Want Day

Today is National Eat What You Want Day, a holiday created in 2015 to encourage people to take a day off stressing about dieting, and to live a little. It’s a day to indulge in your favorite foods, guilt-free, without regret.… Read more »

7 Easy Adjustments to Make Fast Food Healthier

Sometimes life gets a little out of control, and cooking meals at home just isn’t possible. Or, hunger might hit when you don’t have any food available. While fast food is a convenient choice, and a totally acceptable one at that, it’s usually not the most nutritious. And that’s okay – not every meal… Read more »

The Difference Between Fullness and Satisfaction

As an Intuitive Eating dietitian, I am anti-diet. I don’t believe in using external rules or plans to elicit behavior change. Instead, I believe in breaking the cycle of chronic dieting by tuning back into your body signals, which includes eating based on your body’s feelings of hunger and fullness. The idea is that by eating when you are … Read more »

7 Foods for a Better Nights Sleep

For many people, it’s common that a busy work, family and social life takes precedence over a consistent sleep schedule. Data shows that 1 in 3 Americans don’t get enough sleep, measured as seven hours a night or more. The side effects of insufficient sleep are more than just low energy, 3pm desk naps or dark eye circles. Sleeping less than seven hours a day increases your risk of developing chronic conditions like high blood … Read more »

What Frozen Meals Can Teach You About Nutrition

Frozen meals were a novelty when they were first introduced back in the 1950’s. They appealed to a society that desired convenience. And who could blame their fascination? What could be better than setting up your TV table, microwaving your meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy and digging in while being mindlessly entertained by your favorite television program? That convenience, although likely built on good intentions,… Read more »