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7 Unusual Uses for Avocado

I’m just going to come out and say it: I can’t stand it when people call it ‘guac’. I’m not really sure why… but then again I’m also one of those people who feels like they’re trapped in a medieval torture chamber when someone chews with their mouth open. I digress.… Read more »


Lesser Known Cheeses and How to Enjoy Them

Cheese is a winter food, in my opinion. It’s creamy, responds deliciously to heat, and has a bit of fat content to help fill you up when the weather is cool. While the most common types of cheese on our tables and at the grocery store—mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan—are all tasty and very useful in a number of settings, sometimes you want to … Read more »


What’s In My Poke Bowl?

For the past couple years, Hawaiian food has been one of the top food trends. Fusion cuisine was practically created in Hawaii, when traditional Pacific Islander dishes were influenced by immigration from different Asian countries, Portugal, and from mainland United States to create a cuisine unlike any other. Think poi (fermented mashed taro), saimin (a noodle soup similar … Read more »


Our Favorite Food Trend Predictions for 2017

The start of a new year always brings talk of trends. While there are plenty of worthy food trend lists, one that caught my eye is the National Restaurant Association list, which is created by polling 1,300 chefs. Who better to tell us what’s going to be “in” this year than the people who spend their lives dedicated to cooking? On the other hand, it’s people like you who make foods trendy by sharing recipes and pictures with your… Read more »


Everything You Need To Know About Ginger

How many times have you walked through your grocery store’s produce section and seen a bin full of funky-shaped, tan-colored, root-looking things? As you reach for that predictable bell pepper or bag of baby carrots, your eyes skim over that bin and you hesitate. You consider picking up one, but then hurriedly grab your pepper or carrots instead, because well, you know what to do with those. But you’re doing yourself a huge disservice because that root-looking thing or actually, … Read more »


This History of Salt

Most people today rarely think about salt, except when they’re trying to avoid eating too much of it, or biting into an under seasoned dish. But until recently, much of human history has revolved around the clear, crystalline substance.… Read more »