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Frozen Pecan & Maple Hot Chocolate

It’s hard not to love the comforting flavors of a mug of hot chocolate, but what if you could enjoy those same classic flavors in a frozen beverage? Enter the frozen hot chocolate, a wonderful invention by our resident recipe tester, The Artful Desperado. Not only does it turn the classic hot chocolate on its head with the addition of crushed ice, but it also changes the chocolate beverage game by incorporating maple syrup and pecans… … Read more »

How Your Freezer Can Help Fight Food Waste

I can’t argue with the appeal of fresh food, but then again, Americans waste about 25% of the food they buy. I’m guilty, too! From long lost moldy cheese to lettuce that never made it to my salad to last night’s leftovers that didn’t get rescued in time, the average family of four could be casting aside as much as … Read more »

How to Freeze Food Without Plastic

Reducing our reliance on plastic products just makes good sense for the environment and our health, especially when you consider that some plastic products can actually leech unhealthy chemicals into your food. Even the plastic products made free from toxic BPA can be just as bad. On top of that, plastic containers might be… Read more »

The Ultimate Freezer Guide

In terms of maximizing your food’s freshness, nutrition and ease of preparation, your freezer can be one of your closest allies in the kitchen. When used the way good appliance makers intended, freezers can help you save money and time preparing healthy meals for your family.… Read more »

7 Foods You Should Never Freeze

Freezing is a great way to preserve some of your favourite seasonal foods—items like berries that you want to enjoy all year round. Meats also do well in the freezer, though you don’t want to keep them there forever. But just as there are many foods that are great options for freezing, there are others that just don’t do well in sub-zero temperatures.… Read more »

6 Things You Could Be Making with Frozen Bananas

So the story goes, you bought a bunch of bananas, and you ate a lot of them, but still only managed to make it halfway through the bunch. Then they started to turn brown and you were like, ack, why did I buy so many bananas in the first place? Well, no need to throw them out. We’ve got a b-a-n-a-n-a-s idea (we see you Gwen Stefani)—instead of wasting that precious produce, freeze it.… Read more »