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Best Foods For Late Night Studying

The exam is tomorrow, it’s already ten o’clock, and you still haven’t cracked open your text book. We can’t promise any miracles, but what you eat during that cram session just might help you bring your A game to the test. … Read more »

Seven Better For You Canned Cocktails for Summer

If anyone knows who started the canned cocktail trend, please pass along their name and address so I can send them flowers, chocolates, and all of my love and gratitude for changing the summer lounging game for the better.… Read more »

Your Guide to Foraging Berries

Berry season is upon us. Of course, you can pick some up at the local farmers’ market, but why not hunt some down for yourself? Foraging for berries is fun—you get to spend time in the great outdoors, scoop some sun and fresh air, and enjoy a sweet berry reward. Foraging for berries may sound daunting, but it’s doable. Here’s a brief guide to get… Read more »

The Reason We Care About Sugar

Two hundred years ago, our biggest challenge was getting enough to eat (and avoiding getting eaten by a lion). Calorie-dense foods were important to provide energy and keep humans alive during dire times; sugary foods were a matter of survival.… Read more »

Ice Cream vs. Fro-yo: Which is Healthier?

There’s nothing like a creamy ice cream cone on a hot summer day. But should you go for a scoop of chocolate chip, or the healthier sounding frozen yogurt?

Frozen yogurt sales have been on the rise in recent years, with more and more fro-yo shops opening up in cities around the … Read more »

How to Store Your Produce So it Lasts Longer

We all pick up produce with great intentions to use it immediately, but sometimes our veggies, herbs and fruits linger at the back of the fridge for too long. Good news: there are practical ways to store produce to make it last longer. Here are a few.

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