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6 Luvo Ingredients You Should Know

Feeling lucky? You should, because we live in a time when the cuisine we enjoy is a proud declaration of global flavors. Gone are the dishes of neutral color and taste. Instead, we’re embracing the beauty and distinction that only herbs, spices and other exotic ingredients … Read more »

Why We Do Not Use Certain “Health Food” Ingredients

Our goal at Luvo is to help you make it easy to make good food choices. We support that with our 3-2-none philosophy: the right balance of protein, veggies and whole grains, not too much sodium or added sugar, no antibiotics and no artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners.… Read more »

What’s it Like to Shift to Plant-based Eating?

A few months ago, my wife and I decided to shift to plant-based eating. She had been heading in that direction for a little while, but for me the change was more or less over night. This isn’t a post about the reasons for shifting to plant-based foods—whether it’s a health thing, or related to the environment, politics or ethics—it’s simply to relay … Read more »

Why You Should Not Go On a Diet This Year

Another year, another opportunity to make a resolution. Many people will resolve to lose those extra 10 pounds, or take part in Dryuary, or cut out sugar once and for all. Or maybe you’re thinking of starting Whole 30, or going gluten-free?… Read more »

5 of the Most Nutritious Winter Fruits You Should be Eating

Eating “seasonally” is defined as including foods within your diet that are grown at the same time of the year you are eating them. When you buy what’s in season, you buy food that’s at the peak of its supply. Seasonal foods, are picked at their peak and in your hands quicker. Some studies have shown that crops grown in season can be up to… Read more »

Everything you need to know about Kefir

Kefir, pronounced “kee-fer”, is a slightly sweet, fermented milk drink that tastes a lot like yogurt with a distinct tangy flavor. While often compared to yogurt, kefir naturally has additional health benefits that yogurt lacks.… Read more »

Guide to Alternative Flours

Flummoxed by all the different flours in the baking aisle? Using alternative flours in your cooking can add fun new flavors, textures, and nutrients to your cooking and baking, Here’s your guide to some of the more unique flours on the market and tips for using them.… Read more »