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Food Traditions From Around The World

Eating is not only a human necessity, but it’s also a universal pleasure. Customs around food enjoyment varying dramatically between different cultures. What’s considered polite in one country might be seen as incredibly rude in another. Here’s a quick guide covering a few interesting food traditions that could catch you off guard:… Read more »

Bringing Southern Soul to Vancouver

An interview with Peckinpah owner Tyson Reimer

A short while ago, Luvo launched a few new southern U.S.-inspired dishes, BBQ Sauce and Chicken Chorizo Chili. We thought it would be a great idea to sit down with Tyson Reimer, owner of Peckinpah, Vancouver’s southern-cooking hotspot, to learn a bit more about the ingredients, culture and cuisine.… Read more »

6 Veggie Lasagnas to Die For

Lasagna comes in many forms, and it doesn’t have to contain meat to be delicious. Italian grandmothers everywhere might curse me for saying this, but it doesn’t even have to contain cheese, tomato sauce or traditional noodles either (gasp!).

If you love lasagna but want a lighter-yet-equally-comforting dish once in a while, why not throw one of these vegetarian options into the … Read more »

Creative Uses for Curry Powder

Curry powder is essential for any complete home pantry. It’s not only great for making quick and easy curries without having to throw together your own spice blend from scratch, but it’s also a great seasoning for other dishes. Here are some creative ways to get more bang out of your curry powder buck that go beyond the classic curry recipe:… Read more »

Bibimbap 101

Bibimbap is one of my favourite dishes. I love Korean flavors in general, but there’s something about this colorful medley of rice, vegetables, proteins, and spicy sauce that draws me in. The different textures and flavors complement one another so well. Serve a little kimchi … Read more »

Global Cutlery

Let’s face it, we take cutlery for granted. It’s always just, there: on the table, loitering around the plates, pointing at the glasses. Sure, if you’re at a wedding or other fancy event, talk always goes to which is the salad fork and which is the pork fork, or which spoon one should to use to clink one’s glass. But cutlery, or silverware or flatware as it’s also known, is an essential part of our daily eating lives, and so we wanted to investigate it further … Read more »