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Healthy Recipes with Canned Food

The Canned Food Challenge

It’s bound to happen, after months of grocery shopping and countless impulse canned food purchases, your kitchen pantry looks more like the canned food aisle at the grocery store than you know, your kitchen pantry. While it’s great you’re “stocked,” you may also be nearing the best by … Read more »

Sticky Guinness and Smoky BBQ Portobello Mushroom Burgers

St. Patrick’s Day is as good a day as any other to incorporate Guinness beer into your meals. Guinness, as you probably know, is an Irish beer. It’s considered a dry stout. Though it has an imposing dark colour and thick black richness, the flavor is not that aggressive. It’s got a pleasant roasted malty tang, that makes it a great beer … Read more »

6 Healthy Ways to Makeover Your Sandwich

My clients often come to me thinking that they need to give up their lunchtime sandwich in favor of salads. They’re typically surprised when I tell them that is not the case. Sandwiches themselves aren’t unhealthy, but oftentimes the filling is. Here are tips on how to makeover your favorite sandwiches… Read more »

11 Healthier Meatball Recipes

How do you “meatball?” For many, it means gargantuan portions of meatballs resting atop a big pile of white pasta, but we advise you to forgo that type of over-indulgence. Instead, we recommend to meatball the right way by following these 3 simple tips!… Read more »

How to Start a Meal Prep Routine

Sick of supper time stress? Trying to plan a semi-balanced and satisfying meal on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. Save yourself time, and money spent on takeout, by starting a weekend meal prep routine. … Read more »

16 Healthy and Portable Energy-Boosting Snacks

Many of us reach for a snack during the mid-afternoon workday slump, or after dinner while we’re watching TV. In fact, a recent study showed that 94% of American’s snack at least one time per day, with half of all adults grabbing a snack two or three times each day. That’s a lot of snacking!… Read more »