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Boozy Fruit and Star Anise Brandy Punch

It’s always nice when New Year’s Eve lands on a Saturday. It gives us more time to relax and reflect on the past year, to prep for a gathering of our friends and family so we can raise a toast together to the days ahead. This punch is an elegant way to celebrate the start of 2017.… Read more »


Beer versus Wine: Which is Healthier?

In life, there are two kinds of people: beer drinkers and wine drinkers. Wine tends to get all the health credit, while beer is synonymous with the dreaded beer belly. For years health experts have praised wine, hypothesizing that it’s high antioxidant content, specifically resveratrol, was the key to the drinks life-… Read more »


Sprouted-Almond Horchata Recipe

Happy Rice Month! Yep, it’s that time of year when we break out the rice cookers or saucepans, choose our favorite type of rice, and make a few cups of the perfect side dish. To quote the legendary comedian Mitch Hedberg, “Rice is really great if you’re hungry and want to eat two thousand of something. Rice is a carb-rich grain, as you probably know. Brown… Read more »


Fancy Lemonade Recipes

It’s hard to think of a more refreshing drink than a tall glass of lemonade. The recipes below include a classic lemonade, and three refreashing variations. Start with the classic recipe and make your flavor additions from there. These make excellent summer cocktails as well!

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End of Summer Sangria

The end of summer is definitely not something you want to celebrate, but if you’re going to do it, it might as well be with this fabulous sangria recipe featuring the fresh flavors of the season. This sangria packs the best of the last bits of summer: strawberries, raspberries and blackberries with some of the best of fall: figs! Recipe courtesy… Read more »


How to Make an Insanely Refreshing Mandarin Mojito

A mojito is a classic rum cocktail that sunny summer patios were made for. There’s something so refreshing about the muddled mint and lime on a sweltering day. Many variations of this adult beverage have been created, but perhaps none quite like the kind that has emerged from the genius mind of The Artful Desperado.… Read more »