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Can a Cocktail Cure the Common Cold?

Let’s be real, a cocktail isn’t likely to cure a cold. But if you feel the sniffles coming on, there are a few foods that may be able to help rejuvenate your defenses. Of course, it’s up to you if you make a boozy version or not—if you’re feeling particularly lousy, you might want to opt for the “not.” … Read more »

Ice Cube Recipes

Ice cubes are pretty simple, right? Frozen water that you pop in your drink to cool it down. But if you’re like me, you hate when water dilutes your drink. It makes it bland and boring and you’re sometimes left with the… Read more »

Healthy Cocktails: Rum Edition

Rum will always have a special place in my heart. It was, after all, the first alcohol I ever tasted (I was 21…I swear). Many years… Read more »

A Trio of Picnic Cocktail Recipes You Need to Try

Picnics are a delightful part of summer and should be enjoyed at high frequency, preferably with a large amount of friends, food and fun. Everyone seems to have that one friend who knows how to make picnics awesome. If that’s… Read more »

Seven Better For You Canned Cocktails for Summer

If anyone knows who started the canned cocktail trend, please pass along their name and address so I can send them flowers, chocolates, and all of my love and gratitude for changing the summer lounging game for the better.… Read more »

How to Use Every Part of a Watermelon

Happy Watermelon Day! Celebrate Watermelon Day by using every single part of the watermelon. For years, I would only use the flesh and discard the rest, but did you know there are many ways to use every part of the watermelon?… Read more »

A Dietitian’s Guide to Ordering Drinks at the Bar

I am asked on a regular basis, “how often can I drink alcohol?” and “what alcoholic drink is the healthiest?” I get it, alcohol is an important part of socializing. I too like to kick back with a glass of wine at dinner or a fun cocktail at the bar. While I’ll never tell you that you need to cut it out completely, portion-wise women are recommended to have no more than one … Read more »