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Super Green Soup Recipe

Meal prep is so hot right now! Know what’s hotter? Making meal prep extra fun and flavorful by crowd sourcing your meals with a soup swap!… Read more »

Chana Masala Power Bowl with Crispy Tempeh & Cooling Raita

Tempeh is a healthy vegetarian protein made out of fermented soy beans. Like tofu, tempeh can take on any flavor you like, such as the Indian spices in this Luvo hack. Adding tempeh makes this dish heartier while boosting the protein-factor. Raita is a cooling, yogurt based sauce that balances the spiciness.… Read more »

1 Luvo Bowl = 5 New Meal Ideas

Mighty Masala & Greens Edition

Luvo’s bowls are great as is, but with the addition of a few ingredients you can easily transform them into a completely new meal. I challenged myself to do that with a one of my favorite bowl from Luvo’s Planted Power line of products. … Read more »

Romantic Frozen Dinner Ideas for Two

When date night rolls around do you find yourself making last-minute calls to every restaurant in town? Do you desperately seek out that romantic dinner reservation, only to realize that it just doesn’t exist? Sure, you could give up and call off Valentine’s day or you could treat your valentine to a romantic dinner for two at home.… Read more »

6 Foods to Add to Your Frozen Meals

While all Luvo frozen meals contain protein, complex carbohydrate, and a serving of vegetables, you may need a little more food to feel fully satisfied. Here’s six nutrient-rich ingredients you can add to Luvo frozen meals to help boost it’s staying power!… Read more »