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Sumac, Coconut, and Tomato Watermelon Salad

Are you looking for something to knock the socks off everyone at your next glamping weekend getaway? Something even Goopy Paltrow herself would drool over? Look no further than this exceptional summer watermelon salad. Inspired by a Chef Graham Elliot creation and masterminded by Gabriel Cabrera (The Artful Desperado), it’s a fresh and flavorful take on a summer classic just in time or National Watermelon Day. … Read more »


3 of the Healthiest Salad Dressings You’ll Ever Eat

I decided to fully embrace the dietitian in me for this article and recommend dressing your vegetable salads with…vegetables. Plenty of us are still falling short of reaching the recommended 2 ½ cup equivalents of veggies per day. Salads are a great way to work towards that goal, but unfortunately, many commercial salad dressings are laden with calories, yet lacking any significant nutritional benefit. The solution? Flavorful, … Read more »


Dietitian Approved: 7 Lettuce-Less Salad Recipes

The lunchtime salad can get a bit, well, boring. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut with the same container of limp lettuce, leftover protein, shredded cheese and bottled dressing. Switch up your salad game with one of these lettuceless salads. Bonus benefit – you can pack these fully dressed and they won’t get soggy!… Read more »


How to Build a Salad For Your Skin

You religiously wash your makeup off, moisturize on a daily basis, and never step foot outside without applying SPF. Sure, creams and serums are important elements but so is what you eat.

Good skin happens from the inside out; whatever is going on inside your digestive system will eventually show on … Read more »


Super Lettuce-Less Salads

A salad without lettuce? Is that possible? If you’re like most people when you hear the word “salad,” you picture piles of lettuce topped with croutons and drizzled with salad dressing. Yes, this a salad, but there are many popular salads that don’t even contain one single leaf of lettuce – Waldorf salad for example or cucumber and onion salad. While lettuce is awesome and makes for a great salad, why not try something new? Change your vision of salad by… Read more »


What’s So Great About Spinach?

I probably don’t need to tell you this, but tomorrow is National Spinach Day. I bet you’ve got it marked in your calendar. It’s the one day each year where we can talk about our love of spinach without worrying about being shushed. In my opinion, one day is not enough. We should be celebrating spinach for an entire month, or decade. There is so much to like … Read more »