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5 Mustard-Based Salad Dressing Recipes

Admit it, you’ve got at least one or two types of mustard hanging out in your fridge. You bought the big jars, frugal you, but after that BBQ, you have plenty left over and not a clue about what to do with it! Did you know there’s actually so much you can do with mustard? It’s true! And one of the best things you can do with mustard is turn it into salad dressing!… Read more »

Hydrating Foods to Beat the Heat

It’s important to stay hydrated, especially during the heat of summer when you’re losing extra fluids through sweat. But there’s no need to chug water all day long! Food can help contribute to your fluid needs – in fact, about 20% of your fluid needs are met through solid foods.… Read more »

Healthier Barbecue Sauces for Summer Grilling

It’s time to fire up the grill! As the long, lazy days of summer approach, there’s nothing better than cooking dinner outside on the grill with a cool beverage in hand. Looking for a healthier swap for that store bought barbecue sauce, which is usually loaded with so much sugar that it camouflages … Read more »

9 Homemade Hummus Recipes Without Chickpeas

Traditional hummus is a simple mix of chickpeas, tahini (sesame paste), olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. The resulting blend provides a hefty dose of plant-based protein, fiber and healthy fat. It’s the perfect dip for raw veggies such as peppers or carrots and crunchy pita chips, or you can use it as a … Read more »

How to Make Cashew Cheese

Anyone who has ever eaten with me is well aware of the fact that cheese is my favorite food. I even credit an incredible artisan cheese plate I enjoyed on a childhood trip to France with inspiring my career in food and nutrition. Blue cheese, goat cheese, brie cheese, even stinky cheese…I love it all!… Read more »

Two-Ingredient Homemade Peanut Butter

I am obsessed with peanut butter. There, I said it. Seriously though, barely a day goes by when I don’t have peanut butter in some form. Lucky for me (and all you peanut butter lovers out there), peanut butter is a super nutritious food. Read on to learn the difference between natural and regular peanut butter, how to store it, how to use it, and how to make the best (and … Read more »

Spicy food is super good for you… or is it?

I’ve always been a wimp when it comes to spice. Hot sauce? Sriracha? No thank you. But I started to change my tune a few years ago and began experimenting with small amounts of the spicy stuff. Turns out, the heat does more than just boost flavor – it may actually have some health benefits. Like many things, there are both pros and cons to eating spicy foods. Consider the good and … Read more »