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What to Do with Leftover Wine?

Stuck with leftover wine? Hard to imagine, but it happens! Instead of tossing away the last few bits of wine, or letting it sour in the back of the fridge, try one of these wine saving tricks.… Read more »

12 Healthier Tailgating Recipes

Traditional tailgating fare is typically not the healthiest. From pizza, chicken wings, cheesy dips, chips, and burgers, those weekend games can wreck havoc on your diet. Try one of these healthy takes on your favorite recipes, and get through the season without packing on the pounds.… Read more »

7 Unexpected Uses for Yogurt

A few things you may not know: we have ancient herdsmen in the Middle East to thank for accidentally creating yogurt, Danone (aka Dannon) debuted as the first yogurt factory in the world in France in 1932, and the Turks have been writing about the health benefits of yogurt since the 11th century.… Read more »

The Five Ways You Should Be Using Maple Syrup

A pancake or waffle isn’t complete without a perfect drizzle of pure maple syrup. But maple syrup is more than just a condiment for your breakfast food, it can be used in so many other delicious ways. Up for the maple challenge? Then how about giving these five ways to use maple syrup a try. … Read more »

Six Ways to Bling Out Your Guacamole

Guacamole. Is there a more perfect substance on this earth? I’m hard pressed to think of one. Creamy avocado….tart lime juice….herbaceous cilantro…crunchy onion….I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!… Read more »

Everything’s Better With This Almond and Coconut Butter

Move over peanut butter! There’s a new nutty spread in town, and it might just become your new favorite. Gabriel, The Artful Desperado, has worked his culinary sorcery once again by creating this wholesome yet decadent spread. You’re gonna want to put this stuff on everything… but Gabriel likes to serve it with stewed raspberries.… Read more »

7 Unusually Perfect Uses for Mustard

Mustard is my favorite condiment. A sandwich without it is just not right. But there’s more to mustard than simply serving as the ideal hot dog topping. Whole grain or straight yellow, its sharp vinegar taste and bright happy colour help complement a whole range of dishes and snacks. Here are just a few ways to use mustard that you may not have thought of, a few that deserve another look, and a couple surprising uses you might want to try.… Read more »