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Ice Cube Recipes

Ice cubes are pretty simple, right? Frozen water that you pop in your drink to cool it down. But if you’re like me, you hate when water dilutes your drink. It makes it bland and boring and you’re sometimes left with the… Read more »

How to Use Every Part of a Watermelon

Happy Watermelon Day! Celebrate Watermelon Day by using every single part of the watermelon. For years, I would only use the flesh and discard the rest, but did you know there are many ways to use every part of the watermelon?… Read more »

Summer Meals for the Grill

Is there anything better than a dish that only requires one vessel for cooking? No way! But now that it’s summer, you’d rather be spending your time outside, not inside at the stove or by the oven. So how can you “summer-ize” that one pan meal concept? By firing up your grill! To get you started, here are 7 perfect One Grill meal ideas! Read more »

What Fruits and Vegetables are In Season in June?

Wow, what’s that orange thing up in the sky? Is it the sun? Sure is! Spring is in full swing, and summer’s just a few weeks away. Which means more and more fresh fruits and veggies are hitting baskets and boxes all over the northern hemisphere. Maybe there are even a few flourishing in your garden. Whatever your source, keep your eyes open for some of these, for salads, side dishes and mains.… Read more »

Vietnamese Salad Roll Recipe

Light and fresh, filled with vegetables and wrapped with rice paper, the Vietnamese salad roll is perfect for enjoying in the height of summer. Though it’s traditionally filled with steamed shrimp, Vietnamese ham, rice noodles, crunchy lettuce and fresh herbs, this “unfried spring roll” is redefining itself in North America, just like sushi has evolved with avocados, mangoes and of course, Sriracha sauce.… Read more »