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A Dietitian’s Guide to Easter

The seasonal aisle in the grocery store is bursting with marshmallow chickens, jelly beans and big, chocolate bunnies. Does it appear that the Easter candy selection is sneakily growing and multiplying to anyone else? In fact, it seems Easter has become as synonymous with candy as Halloween. While a little candy is alright, basketfuls of candy and plastic eggs loaded with the sweet stuff, can result in over-consumption of added sugar. What’s a bunny to do?

Easter Basket Strategies

Whether you make them for your loved ones or give them as gifts to friends or your neighbor’s kids, Easter baskets are beloved fixtures of the holiday. There’s nothing more beautiful than a lovely basket that signifies spring, so why not focus on that instead of the candy? Here are some strategies designed to impress any basket-receiver.

For the neighbor: Add bags of seeds and mini clay pots along with a little book about gardening. Include gardening gloves and a small watering can. This makes for a gift they can enjoy for several months versus several days.

For the kiddos: Load it with activities that are age-appropriate. Think jump ropes, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and frisbees. While you’re at it, throw in a bottle of sunscreen and a fun hat!

For the friend: Make a basket full of sunshine! Pick a yellow and orange theme and load the basket with those items. You could include yellow dish towels or hand towels along with some lemon-scented soap or lotion. Add lemons and ball jars along with instructions how to make refreshing lemonade. The options are endless.

Easter Candy Strategy

This one might be a bit more challenging – we know you love you’re candy. But we think we’ve got some tricks you can use to prevent a candy overload!

Tip 1: Time Your Candy Distribution – That’s right, YOU decide when the candy comes out. Perhaps it’s after that game of tag in the yard or right before you send everyone out the door. But ALWAYS time it after the meal, when bellies are likely full, and not before.

Tip 2: Don’t Leave Candy Out – Resist the temptation to set bowls of candy out for your family and guests. That can lead to empty bowls and hurting bellies full of empty calories. Instead, save the candy for the Easter Egg hunt and fill bowls with nuts or popcorn.

Tip 3: Refrain From Showboating – This means, don’t buy all the candy you can get in your cart because you can. Instead, pick out 1-2 types you (and your family) like, and that’s it!

Tip 4: Keep It Small – Do you or does anyone need a big chocolate Easter bunny? No! Don’t over-size your candy and instead, keep portions small. Think individually-wrapped chocolate or buy a reduced sugar or a fruit based option in the bulk section of your local grocery store.

Have fun celebrating Easter, but make the choice to not go overboard on the candy (if you do read this). Festive Easter baskets can include all of balanced, consider it just another wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family!

How do you stay balanced when it comes to the holidays? Let us know in the comments section and sign-up for Luvo’s newsletter for more nutritious recipes and exclusive giveaways.

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