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Ditch the Gym: 5 Ways to Get Active Outdoors

As the weather warms up, the last thing you want is to be stuck indoors at the gym.

Let’s be honest. Who really enjoys slugging away on the treadmill, watching the seconds on the clock tick away, and wishing you hadn’t hopped on next to the chick who’s walking at a 3.0 in order to orchestrate her selfie photo shoot?

This summer, why not take your sweat sesh to the streets? Well, not exactly the streets, but outdoors. You get the picture. It’s a nice one.

Here are my favorite ways to get active outside:

Try Yoga in the Park…

(or on a rooftop, on the beach, in the mountains…). In L.A. we have tons of spots citywide where resident yogis spread the love with free yoga classes all summer long. A quick Google search should turn up some great donation-based classes in your area, where you can actually do your sun salutations to the sun. Prefer a more peaceful sesh? Grab a mat, go outside, and try your own sequence. For inspiration, check out my Rise & Energize Sequence.

Join a Run Club

Working up the motivation to go for a run on your own isn’t always easy. With the support of others though, you’ll likely run longer and faster than you would solo. Find a running club in your area to help you break out of the treadmill rut. It’s a great way to not only enjoy the fresh air and summer sun, but to make some new friends while you’re at it.

Young women trekking in Svaneti,
Become a Trail Blazer

If a slow steady burn is more your speed, trade your sneaks for hiking boots and hit some local trails. On all you have to do is plug in your zip code and they’ll provide you with a list of awesome hiking spots in your area.

Take a Dip

Here in L.A., my favorite way to stay active in the summer is by heading to the ocean. An hour of paddleboarding can burn up to 1000 calories! Far from the beach? Check your local Parks and Rec. department’s website for a list of local pools where you can pull a Michael Phelps. Swimming laps is one of the best total body exercises and it burns approximately 400-700 calories per hour. The best part? It only costs a couple bucks to get in.

Bike Wheel in the Dark
Remove Your Training Wheels

I know spinning is super hip and all, but you do realize that you could actually be biking toward something, right?! With the rise of indoor cycling, it seems people have forgotten how cool it is to ride outdoors. You don’t need your own bike to reap the benefits. Here in L.A., you can rent wheels and glide down the boardwalk. And in NYC, they have Citi Bikes so you can hop off and on as you please.

Whatever you do to stay active this summer, make sure to stay hydrated and to properly fuel with healthy meals pre and post-burn. And remember, you can never outrun a crappy diet!

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