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Totally Genius Freezer Tricks You Need to Try

Since the freezer was introduced as a household appliance in 1940, it has revolutionized the way food is stored in the home. Frozen foods were at one time a luxury, but became commonplace with the invention of a freezer component to the household refrigerator. By freezing various foods, whether whole or prepared, people could store them for longer periods of time without them becoming spoiled by bacteria.

Yes, the freezer is a miraculous invention that changed the way we eat at home, but its capabilities go beyond simply storing food for the long term. Your freezer has a few other tricks that can help you become more efficient in the kitchen.

Prevent stinky compost

Many people have embraced the practice of composting whether to reduce landfill waste or boost garden fertilization. No matter your reason for composting, you may have noticed that food starts to smell unpleasant as it rots. Composters often use bins to store food scraps but did you know you can put that bin in your freezer and completely bypass the compost stench? And if you don’t have a bin you can just use a bag. Then when the bin or bag is full simply deposit frozen compost scraps as you normally would, whether on the curb for pickup or in your garden.

Save up stock scraps 

Along the same vein as freezing food scraps for composting, you can also freeze your scraps to use later in homemade stock. Carrot peels, herb stems, onion skins, celery leaves… simply keep them in a bag in your freezer until you’re ready to make your super flavorful stock.

Freeze homemade stock in small portions  

If you’ve made your own stock and don’t use it all right away, you can freeze it in small portions for quick and easy additions to recipes down the road. The Kitchn has a great guide for freezing your homemade stock in ice cube trays. Once the stock is frozen you simply place the cubes in a freezer back for easy access later.

Freeze fresh herbs  

Fresh herbs often come in large bunches that can be difficult to use up before they start to turn to mush. The solution: freeze them. You’ve likely heard of freezing herbs in olive oil in your ice cube tray as little flavour bursts for future recipes, so let’s up the ante. If you want to go the lower-fat route while still preserving fresh herbs for later use, they can also be frozen in water or that fabulous homemade stock we were talking about earlier. Just chop up the herbs, sprinkle them into the ice cube tray and top with the liquid of your choice. Pop the frozen cubes into a freezer bag and you’ve got your supply of flavour boosters ready to go.

Peel tomatoes with ease

Sauce recipes usually require you to remove tomato skins for best results, but skinning a tomato is a challenge to say the least. You may have heard of the old poaching trick for removing tomato skins. Enter: the freezer trick! This one’s actually more convenient than poaching and it helps you preserve ripe tomatoes until you are ready to use them. Simply freeze whole tomatoes in a bag, then thaw as needed. Once the tomatoes are thawed, the skins come off easily.

Freeze meat in convenient portions 

Ground meat often comes in big blobs that may not be practical for your needs. Unless you’re using the entire meat blob in a recipe right away, you can freeze it into portions for easy access later using the chopstick trick. This involves putting the meat in a freezer bag, then sectioning it into portions using a chopstick. The portions break off easily when you’re ready to use them! LifeHacker shows you how to do it here.

Freeze water in case of power outage 

If you live in an area that’s prone to big storms or power outages you might want to consider freezing bottles of water. This can help you avoid the rush to your local grocery store to stock up on drinking water in case the power goes out or you have limited access to a clean water supply.

Freeze ginger

I cook with ginger sometimes but I often find it difficult to use up the entire ginger nub before it dries up. The solution? Freeze it! I would suggest peeling the ginger before popping it in the freezer so you can just take it out and grate it as needed. Feeling inspired? Here are a few more veggies and fruits you can freeze.

Stock your freezer with Luvo! 

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Do you have any genius freezer tricks? What about stories of common freezer mistakes you’ve made? Share them in them with us in the comments section and be sure to sign-up for Luvo’s newsletter for more nutritious recipes and exclusive giveaways.

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