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Genius Alternatives for Everyday Kitchen Tools

How satisfying is it when you discover a genius alternate use for a kitchen gadget? You can’t help but feel like MacGyver, splicing together random items to save that day in the nick of time. Maybe it’s not quite that dramatic, but it certainly helps you save kitchen space when you can use one item to do more than one job, just like the incredibly versatile muffin tin.

If you’re a fan of boosting your efficiency in the kitchen, we’ve got a few uses for common kitchen items that you must try:

Slotted Spoon = Genius Egg Separator

No more awkwardly trying to separate the egg yolk from the white! The mighty slotted spoon is there to minimize mess while achieving maximum separation. Just crack the egg over the spoon and let the white slip through the cracks. Voila!

Turkey Baster = Genius Pancake Batter Dispenser 

Feel like getting artsy with your pancakes? Maybe you want to improve your precision when you’re moving batter from bowl to skillet. The turkey baster is the answer! Instead of scooping batter with a ladle or big spoon in a less-than-exact manner, simply load up the baster with batter and squirt it into the pan. You can also try making cool pancake designs by using the baster to ‘paint’ the batter into the pan. Keep in mind that the layers you add first will be the darkest. Try these fun pancake art ideas.

Pizza Cutter = Genius Herb Cutter

Does your pizza cutter get out enough or is it sitting in your drawer longing for the day when you actually make pizza rather than order pre-sliced pies? Give it a workout by using it to cut your fresh herbs! Just lay your freshly washed and dried herbs like basil, cilantro or parsley on the cutting board and have at ‘er! It’s much easier than using a knife!

Salad Spinner = Genius Delicate Clothing Washer 

If you really think about it, your salad spinner is just a mini version of your washing machine, but it’s a lot more gentle which makes it ideal for washing those delicate items. Next time you want to wash your fancy bra without ruining it in your washing machine, just place it in the spinner with some detergent and give it a good spin. Then rinse out the suds and spin out the excess water before hanging to dry. Genius!

Ice Cream Scooper = Genius Squash Seed Remover 

Using an ice cream scooper to remove the seeds from your squash makes the job super quick and clean. No more straggly squash bits or rogue seeds left behind! A melon baller also works well if you’re de-seeding smaller squash varieties.

Tongs = Genius Citrus Fruit Squeezer

When they’re not being used to turn kebabs on the grill, your kitchen tongs make quite effective juicers. Cut your citrus fruit in half and squeeze it between the prongs. Bonus tip: zap your lemons and limes in the microwave before squeezing to maximize juice output.

Waffle Iron = Genius Brownie Maker

Your waffle iron has a ton of other uses than simply making delicious waffles. You can also use it to make waffle-shaped brownies, pizza dough, falafel, cookies, and much more. Check out the Luvo’s genius list of waffle iron recipes here.

Do you have any genius uses for common kitchen gadgets? Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter at @luvoinc and be sure to unlock a coupon to use on your next Luvo purchase.

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