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Super Fruits: The Top 5 Good-For-You Fruits

What’s not to like about earth’s flavorful, naturally sweet, and beautiful bounty of fruits? From the classic fruit salad, to fruit smoothies and oatmeal toppers, fruit gives us a nutritious way to enjoy a little sweetness in our lives without reaching for … Read more »

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Know Your Food: Chia 101

The word ‘chia’ might bring back memories of your favorite TV infomercial about a special pet that grows green fur, but there’s a lot more to chia than that. Native to Mexico and Guatemala, chia belongs to the mint family, and its seeds have been experiencing a surge in popularity … Read more »

Rise and Dine—4 Breakfast Problems Solved

You’ve heard it before: Eat breakfast! Mom was right, and for many reasons. Breakfast gives your brain the energy it needs to focus, so you can tackle your to-do list and function at your best level. Another perk: breakfast reboots your metabolism… Read more »

Essential Tips for Beginner Runners

Running is a popular fitness activity for many, perhaps due to the fact that you can do it virtually anywhere, and you don’t have to pay any expensive gym membership dues or buy any fancy equipment, aside from some good running shoes.

Beginner runners should beware, however, because there IS a right and wrong way to start running. Rushing into a running routine… Read more »

Super Veggies

Top 5 Healthiest Vegetables You Should Be Eating

Vegetables are beautiful inside and out. Their different shapes and colors make for a tasty and super, good-for-you rainbow on your plate. Each vegetable has its own flavor and nutrient profile, and some are higher in essential vitamins and minerals than others. To help you get the most out of your culinary vegetable adventures, here’s our rundown of the healthiest … Read more »

Ditch the Gym: 5 Ways to Get Active Outdoors

As the weather warms up, the last thing you want is to be stuck indoors at the gym.

Let’s be honest. Who really enjoys slugging away on the treadmill, watching the seconds on the clock tick away, and wishing you hadn’t hopped on next to the chick who’s walking at a 3.0 in order to orchestrate her selfie photo shoot?

This summer, why not take your sweat sesh to the streets?… Read more »

What Does the Box Say?

A Guide to Reading Food Nutrition Labels

Sometimes, it feels as if the simple act of reading a food label is as complicated as getting an advanced chemistry degree. What’s the most important number to look at? Calories? Fat? And what about those… Read more »