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Our Favorite Food Trends of 2014

Every year has its food stories: those items that are always in the news or being talked up by your friends and co-workers as the best new thing since pulled pork. 2014 was no exception, as it brought an interesting cross-section of dishes and delights that made the leap from sidekick to superstar. Here are some of our favorites.… Read more »

Winter Squash Wonderland

With their unique shapes and spotty colors, winter squash are just as eye-catching in holiday centerpieces as they are on your plate. Contrary to what you might think, winter squash is not grown in the wintertime, but in the summer, with harvesting usually done in September and October. They get their name thanks to their thicker rinds, which allow them to be stored for use in the colder months.… Read more »

Snacks For Dinner

While perusing my Instagram feed like I tend to do at a borderline obsessive rate, I came across a mouthwatering spread of snacks a good friend of mine had prepared for dinner. Not one to feel particularly confident in her culinary skills or ability to collect appropriate kitchen supplies (she has a plate specifically designed for serving deviled eggs, but no garlic press), my friend had proven that she could easily be in the running for America’s Next Top Finger Foods Chef (reality show pending). Yes, her creation may have even been worthy of the often misused … Read more »

Mandarin Orange Madness

When my local grocery store’s produce section gets taken over by boxes of mandarin oranges in December, I get a little too excited. If anything deserves the ‘nature’s candy’ moniker, mandarin oranges would be at the top of the list. Much easier to peel and section, and with a sweeter taste than their bigger cousins, mandarin oranges go down a little too easily. Left unsupervised, I could easily inhale five of them in one sitting, but I just tell myself that’s a smarter choice than five shortbread cookies. Am I right?!… Read more »

Festivus: Airing of Grievances

Continuing on with our Festivus festivities, comes another cherished tradition coined by the Costanzas. A Festivus celebration always begins with the Airing of Grievances, which must take place the moment the Festivus feast is served.

Beginning at the head of the table, each person takes a turn lashing out at others (and society in general), describing how they’ve been disappointed during the course of the year. What seems negative at first can be viewed as a cleansing or clean slate in preparation for the New Year ahead. Or, things could get hostile. Either way, we sat down with Luvo’s VP of Nutrition Samantha Cassetty to get her take on eating right and being well throughout the holidays.

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Microwave Myth Busters

Microwaves are ubiquitous in kitchens today, both in homes and restaurants. They are one of the most energy-efficient and fastest ways to heat food, making them ideal for warming leftovers and thawing frozen items. But if you Google “microwaves,” you get a whole universe of hits about their hazards, along with confusing information about how they work. Sorting out the truth from the turkey can be tough. We can help.… Read more »

Tips for a Sustainable Holiday

The holiday season is fast approaching, and you know what that means: platters of delicious home-baked treats, carefully wrapped gifts for family and friends, and hours-long dinner parties with plates upon plates of picture-perfect dishes. With all the effort we put into entertaining and enjoying the best of the season, we don’t always remember to make space in our planning for sustainable considerations. The good news is that there are many tips and tricks to make sure the most wonderful time of the year is not the most wasteful.

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