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5 Foods That Help You Sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping? You’re not alone. In fact, just a year ago, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) published an article calling insufficient sleep a public health epidemic, with as many as 70 million US adults experiencing sleep difficulties.… Read more »

Make Your Own Kimchi

Kimchi is one of my favorite things to eat. I look forward to going to the farmer’s market every Saturday to grab some sweet daikon radish kimchi handmade by a local artisan. I’m lucky if the jar lasts me until the next farmer’s market. Now you know about one of my most guilty pleasures. Actually… scratch that­–I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. There’s stuff you like, and stuff you don’t like, and if anyone objects to your preferences, you tell them where to go, ok?

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5 Ways To Chill Out

People often tell me that I’m a really calm individual. It takes a lot to get me riled up or stressed out. I like to I think it’s because I hail from the land of chill dudes. That’s certainly part of it, but I think that a lot of the time, being chill is a state of mind. I’m no expert in chilling, and I wasn’t always this chill. I used to get paranoid and stressed out about things a lot. So what changed? As I grew older, I realized that a lot of our daily stresses are a result of things that we can control (mainly our attitudes), and when they’re not, we aren’t doing ourselves any favors by dwelling on them.

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Kickstart Your Resolutions

So you made a few New Year’s resolutions. Congrats! Way to go. One of them probably has something to do with exercise, another might be reading more European literature from the early 20th Century. But one of the most common—and rewarding—resolutions you likely made has to do with eating healthy food that also tastes great. So why wait for the new year to start? Let’s get going on your resolutions right away with a few recipes for amazing party appetizers that taste great and are good for you too.

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How to Make the Best Hot Chocolate Ever

Wrapping your hands around a mug of creamy hot chocolate is the perfect conclusion to pretty much any winter activity. Whether you’re recovering from a day of making snow angels, falling on your butt on the skating rink one too many times, or wrapping gifts shaped like they were run over by Santa’s sleigh, a hot cup of cocoa takes all the pain away.… Read more »

Hot and Healthy Winter Sippers

The winter season wouldn’t be complete without the rich scent of mulling spices filling the air. One of my favorite things about this time of year is all the delicious hot beverages served at various gatherings. Mulled wine at winter markets, hot cider on the stove at mom’s house, hot cocoa, hot buttered rum… hot dang! … Read more »