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The Greatest Pumpkin Smoothie of All Time

My mother told me that my addiction to pumpkin started very early. Apparently, there’s photographic evidence of a much younger, blonder and less-clothed me eating pumpkin pie at various family gatherings, on a bale of hay, and even at my own birthday (my birthday treat of choice has since been replaced with a dairy-free Coconut Bliss ice cream log–a girl’s gotta live).… Read more »

Know Your Food: Lentils 101

There’s a lot more to lentils than meets the eye. These tiny little pulses (aka ‘grain legumes’) have been eaten for around 10,000 years according to archaeologists, and there’s good reason for that.

Often found in soups or combined with rice, lentils are popular in many cuisines around the world because they are inexpensive but provide plenty of essential nutrition. They’re high in protein, fiber, iron, zinc, folate, potassium and B vitamins. Just ¾ cup of cooked lentils gives you more potassium … Read more »

Confessions of a Food Truck Driver

One of the most interesting aspects of running a food truck is the fascinating people you meet each day We interviewed two of our favorite local food trucks here in Vancouver, BC (Luvo Headquarters) to get the skinny right from the source.

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The Tastiest Ways to Celebrate World Vegetarian Day

October 1st is World Vegetarian Day, and kicks off a full month of vegetarian awareness around the globe. Unlike all those other questionable food holidays that seem to come out of nowhere (apparently, my birthday falls on National Shrimp Scampi Day), this one has been going strong since 1977 and aims to bring awareness to the benefits of eating more vegetables and less meat.

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Figs Five Ways

You may not know this, but Luvo headquarters is tucked away in Richmond, BC, Canada (a suburb of Vancouver) surrounded by lots of family-run farms and local markets. In this corner of the world, we’re known for growing blueberries and cranberries, which thrive in the peaty soil here.

Because of the moisture in our soil – as Richmond sits slightly below sea level – various fruits grow wild around the area. Over the summer, the Luvo team discovered an apple tree that is now beautifully ripe to pick. We also found rose hips and enough blackberries to bake about one hundred pies (no exaggeration). But the best find of all has been the figs.

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Oatmeal: Your New Best Friend

I have to be honest: I was never really a huge fan of oatmeal. I always found it bland and boring, and the texture wasn’t doing anything for me either. That was until I realized all the wonderful health benefits of eating it AND the wonderfully delicious ways to prepare it, not to mention its … Read more »

5 Nutritious and Fun School Lunch Ideas

When I was growing up, I always envied my classmates whose parents surprised them at lunchtime by dropping off fast food burgers and fries. Now that I know better, I feel bad for those kids, but it’s hard to blame parents when you don’t know where they’re coming from. Sometimes they’re just stressed out and juggling too many things and the convenience and low price of a quick lunch they know their kid will devour is just too tempting to pass up. In addition to this, many of us are familiar with the sad state of food quality in most school cafeterias.

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