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How to Fuel Your Next Netflix Binge

The next episode will start playing in 5 seconds. Hurry – grab your next snack before the next episode starts.

We’ve all been there – “accidentally” spending countless number of hours watching our favorite series. Binge-watching Netflix is a serious thing. It takes commitment, skill, and snacks… a lot of snacks.… Read more »

Nutrition Lessons from the World’s Healthiest Cultures

When people ask me, as a dietitian, about how to improve their health with nutrition, it’s almost always about the little things. Is gluten bad? How much sugar is too much? Is coconut oil okay to eat? What supplements should I take?… Read more »

Vitamin D Boosting Food Guide

We all know that we need to get our vitamins, but why exactly are they so important? Vitamins are substances that your body needs to function properly, usually in pretty small amounts. Most vitamins can’t be made in our body, so we have to get them from food. The one exception? Vitamin D. Unlike other vitamins, our body can make vitamin … Read more »

French Cooking Decoder

It’s hard to deny that the French know a thing or two about cooking. What could be wrong about enjoying copious amounts of cheese and wine? Classic French cooking is revered as some of the best in the world (when executed correctly, of course), which likely has something to do with the fact that it’s been around since the 17th century. You know what they say… practice makes… Read more »

How to Turn Your Food Scraps Into Stock

“You’re not throwing that away, are you?” you hear your inner eco-responsible self ask. Your hand, which holds a pile of carrot peels, hovers over the trash can as you debate just that. Should you really be throwing away that food? You finally come to your senses, and instead of releasing your hand so that the carrot falls into the trash can, you release it so that it falls into a giant freezer bag instead. Yay! Good for you! You’ve made the smart choice to turn that food scrap into delicious stock!Read more »

Canadian vs. American Thanksgiving—What’s the Difference?

Thanksgiving is fast approaching—in Canada anyway. That’s right, for those north of the border, Thanksgiving is celebrated this Monday. Americans are often surprised to hear that Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on a different date. It raises so many questions, so we put together this post to highlight the similarities and differences.… Read more »

What is Your Spirit Noodle? (Quiz)

Thanks to Bon Appetit, I recently found out that the singular term for spaghetti is ‘spaghetto’ and my world turned upside down. I also found out that noodles and pasta aren’t the same thing (duh). They differ in their ingredients and how they are made. Pasta, of which there are over 350 varieties, is generally made with durum semolina flour.… Read more »