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Proven Health Benefits of Garlic

If it tastes good spit it out? Think again! One nutrition factoid I love to share with my clients is that the compounds in food that gives it flavor are often powerful health promoting nutrients. A perfect example of this is pungent garlic!… Read more »

Luvo Hack: Natalie’s Hawaiian Un-fried Rice Planted™ Tuna Poke Bowl

Crispy sautéed kale. Crunchy, peppery arugula. Tangy, smooth avocado cream drizzled on top. It’s not hard to see why this Luvo hack has become a signature dish around our house. Tons of fiber and tons of flavor are always good in my books. Make yourself a hearty bowl of this and see for yourself why it’s in my regular rotation.… Read more »

5-Minute Lunch Break Stress Relievers

How would you rate your stress levels on a daily basis?

Short-term, fleeting doses of stress can be positive. Acute stress might help you push a little harder to meet a presentation deadline at work or study a little longer to pass a certification exam. But far too often, the stress doesn’t … Read more »

Try These 25 Plant-Based Protein Recipes

Chances are, you’re eating enough protein. The typical American diet is high in protein, and most adults get ample amounts. While you may be meeting your protein goals, one thing you’re probably are lacking? Plant-based protein. Even die-hard carnivores can benefit from eating more plant-based protein. The plants highest in… Read more »

A Dietitian’s Guide to Easter

The seasonal aisle in the grocery store is bursting with marshmallow chickens, jelly beans and big, chocolate bunnies. Does it appear that the Easter candy selection is sneakily growing and multiplying to anyone else? In fact, it seems Easter has become as synonymous with candy as … Read more »

What Should You Have for Lunch Today? (QUIZ)

“What should I have for lunch?” is one of life’s recurring questions. Most of us don’t have time every day to prepare a tasty and healthy multi-course lunch, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy something that’s satisfying and nutritious—sometimes we just need a hand deciding what that might be. Well wonder no more! This quiz will help you determine the right lunch for you today.… Read more »