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How is Peanut Butter Enjoyed Around the World

In the canon of uniquely American foods, peanut butter certainly has a place of prominence. If you ask individuals from other countries how they enjoy peanut butter, the surprising answer from many might be “We don’t.” That’s right, many people outside the U.S. don’t touch the stuff (including the French and Italians, but what do they know about food? *irony*). But the… Read more »

Luvo Hack: Grilled Romaine Hearts Stuffed with BBQ Chicken, Collard Greens and Grits

Picture it: you’re chilling at home and your friend stops by and you wish you had something fancy to dish up but all you have are a couple Luvo Chicken in BBQ Sauce entrées in the freezer and a head of romaine… what would you do? Make some wholesome and tasty lettuce wraps, that’s what! If you don’t have romaine, you can use a different kind of sturdy leaf, such as endive. Here’s how to do it:… Read more »

Chinese New Year Food & Symbols

Chinese New Year falls on the new moon between January 21 and February 20. Astronomy reminder: the new moon the phase during which the moon disappears from our view, because the sun is reflecting light on the side of the moon that faces away from Earth. This year it falls on January 28, and though China began using the Western calendar over 100 years ago, Chinese … Read more »

Frozen Pecan & Maple Hot Chocolate

It’s hard not to love the comforting flavors of a mug of hot chocolate, but what if you could enjoy those same classic flavors in a frozen beverage? Enter the frozen hot chocolate, a wonderful invention by our resident recipe tester, The Artful Desperado. Not only does it turn the classic hot chocolate on its head with the addition of crushed ice, but it also changes the chocolate beverage game by incorporating maple syrup and pecans… … Read more »

7 Pies from Around the World

Happy National Pie Day! Today is the day to celebrate all things pie, as opposed to Pi Day, in March, which celebrates the mathematical constant, which is celebrated in March. Although to be fair, we break out pie that day too.… Read more »

7 Unusual Uses for Avocado

I’m just going to come out and say it: I can’t stand it when people call it ‘guac’. I’m not really sure why… but then again I’m also one of those people who feels like they’re trapped in a medieval torture chamber when someone chews with their mouth open. I digress.… Read more »

DIY Energy Gel Recipe

Being a registered dietitian, I always knew nutrition was important for exercise performance. But last year, when I ran two half marathons after starting the year barely able to run a mile, I learned from experience how our body needs high quality fuel to function at it’s best.… Read more »