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5 Interesting Spring Herbs to Eat Now

Everyone knows the basics: basil, oregano, parsley, cilantro… but what about those unsung heroes of the herb brigade? This spring, why not add some interesting herbs to your menu and transport your taste buds to another flavor dimension? Expand your herbal horizons with five interesting spring herbs to try right now:… Read more »

Secrets to Your Best Cornbread Ever

There’s something about the texture of cornbread that I just love, and my love goes way back. When I was little, my mom used to take me to this place in the mall called Mmmmarvellous Mmmmuffins and I always opted for the cornmeal muffin. The cornmeal adds a unique chewiness that makes muffins and breads taste extra special.… Read more »

Luvo Hacks: Flatbreads

Now that we’ve plumped up your pilaf, packed more protein into your breakfast and spiced-up your favorite entrées, it’s time to add some flare to your flatbreads. Impress your friends and family with these tasty takes on your favorite Luvo FBs:… Read more »

The Power of Peanut Butter

Underwhelmingly described by Wikipedia as a ‘food paste’, peanut butter is so much more than that. A top performer in savory and sweet recipes, peanut butter has a wide array of culinary applications beyond the classic PB&J sandwich, and it delivers some essential nutrition as well. … Read more »

Are Pickled Foods Nutritious?

Pickled foods are having a moment. You know they’re part of the zeitgeist when they get lampooned by the TV show Portlandia, as they did a few seasons ago. It seems almost any edible item is capable of being pickled these days—and why not? Pickles add a pleasant pop of flavor to any plate. But as pickling remains a popular approach, the facts about their nutritional profile is not well understood.… Read more »

Veggies to Grow in Cool Climates

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of growing your own food. It’s kind of like you’re raising your own little plant children–you plant them and water them and tend to them and try to protect them from the elements so they can grow big and strong. Then it gets kind of messed up because you eat them, but you get the idea.… Read more »

How to Fit in More Fitness

Everyone is busy and no one has spare time. That’s the story we tell ourselves and others. Between work, family life, listening to podcasts, and more work, we hardly have time to sleep, let alone exercise. But we need it now more than ever. Our jobs have us sitting at our desks hours a day, and our commutes mean we’re in a car or on the bus for another hour. So how do you find time for fitness?… Read more »