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How to Eat Healthy While You Travel

We’ve all been there. You’re in a foreign city, sleep-deprived and trying to find your bearings, but your phone’s map doesn’t work because you don’t want to rack up roaming charges. It’s the absolute worst time to be low on energy because you haven’t eaten well, or haven’t eaten anything at all. The good news? With a little foresight and a few common sense moves, you can be fully charged, alert and well on your way to wherever you need to go. In honor of National Healthy Eating Day, here are a few top tips on how to stay healthy while you travel.… Read more »

Overcoming the Winter Workout Slump

with Dai Manuel

If you’ve found yourself in an exercise slump, don’t worry you aren’t alone. We all have busy lives, vacations, injuries and a pile of other reasons that put our regular workout routines on the backburner. In fact, this happened to me a few weeks ago. I had finally run the half marathon I’d been training for all summer and woke up the next morning feeling almost every muscle, bone and ligament in my body while dousing myself in a lavender-scented Epsom salt bath. My inner voice said “I’ll just skip my workouts this week and get back to it next week”. I didn’t think it was a big deal.

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Date, Cinnamon, and Dark Chocolate Granola Recipe

Ah, granola, the plain yogurt’s savior and breakfast bliss bowl‘s accoutrement. So ingrained in our society, granola is now an adjective for your neighbourhood lady who composts regularly and wears Birkenstocks year round. Though traditionally associated with health, these days the standard, store-bought granola can often exceed the amount of sugar found in a can of soda! What does that mean nutritionally? A quick surge of … Read more »

Reinventing Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the rare foods that has transcended the ages. Your mother might have eaten it, and your mother’s mother. The reason is simple: it’s healthy, easy to prepare and relatively inexpensive. Despite daily competition from sugary cereals, greasy sandwiches and breakfast bars, oatmeal is a consistent companion that delivers a healthy start to the day, morning in, morning out.

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Halloween Candy Craving Guide

Halloween can be a scary time if you’re trying to stick to health goals—and keep your kids from climbing the walls. But Halloween isn’t Halloween if you can’t indulge a little bit. The key is not only making smart choices about what you choose to snack on, but also to go easy on the amount. To help, here are a few suggestions picks to help satisfy the holiday’s most common cravings.

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6 Tips to Stay on the Fitness Train This Fall

I’ll be the first to admit that sticking to a fitness routine is tough. My commitment to fitness tends to ebb and flow, but I have found that the key to staying motivated is keeping your workout options fresh. This fall, why not put the gym membership on hold (or just continue not having one, like me), and try these tips for staying on the fitness train?… Read more »