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Ode to the Potato

March is synonymous with many wonderful things, including that special holiday where we bust out every green piece of clothing we own and drink (probably too much) green beer in celebration of the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. It’s also the perfect time of year to pay homage to the almighty potato, in season in March and a central ingredient in traditional Irish cooking. In fact, they love … Read more »

6 Ways to Boost Your Protein

Are you getting enough protein? Most sources suggest it should make up about 20 to 30 percent of your daily calories. If you’re active and athletic, you might want to aim for the higher end, since protein is essential for repairing muscles. So what are the best ways to bump up your intake?… Read more »

How to be a Dinner Party Pro

I love throwing dinner parties! There’s just something really special about setting the table, making it look pretty and preparing a nice dinner for your friends and family. If you’re new to the dinner party scene, it can get a bit stressful, but with a little planning you can make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Whether you’re hosting or attending at dinner party, having a few tricks up your sleeve to ‘wow’ guests always leaves a pleasant lasting impression. Here are some of the tricks I’ve learned from my experiences cooking and eating with my favorite people.… Read more »

The New Nordic Diet Uncovered

Almost every year there’s a new “it” diet that everyone seems to be doing that, allegedly, sheds all of the weight you gained over the holidays (and then some) and leaves you so vibrant and energized your co-workers will wonder if you’ve replaced all the blood in your body with coffee. Some of these diets are quite aggressive; cue the 5:2 British diet that makes you starve for 2 days (oh hell naw!). Some others are all about eating like a caveman (Paleo, duh).… Read more »

Mug Snacks From The Microwave

Microwaves are super convenient for home cooking, especially when you’re in a hurry. We’ve already busted the myths around them and uncovered the science behind how they work… now it’s time to get into some of the neat things you can do with a microwave (aside from cooking your Luvo meals, of course). For this edition of Microwave Master Chef, all you need is a big mug, a few ingredients and your button-pushing finger to make yourself a quick and nutritious meal! Here … Read more »

Luvo Hacks: Entrées

I had originally started this post with “As much as I love the idea of discovering a new recipe and cooking it from scratch…” but after staring blankly at the screen for about 10 minutes I decided to stop lying to myself. I’ll admit it: I actually don’t enjoy spending a pile of time in the kitchen (or cooking anything from scratch for that matter), and that’s totally okay. What I do love is… Read more »

Red Carpet Ready Oscar Party Ideas

In case you’re on a complete media blackout, or live on another planet, the 87th Annual Academy Awards take place on Sunday and we at Luvo cannot wait. The list of films has been pinned up in the office since the day the nominations were announced, for all the movie lovers to check off each one as they are viewed. We even have an Oscar pool going, for which I feel very confident.

If you’re planning to host an Oscar party, but the mess of how-to articles out there has your head spinning, we have a checklist that will have your soiree red carpet ready in 6 simple steps.

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