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Secrets to Better Kebabs

The concept of eating foods on sticks was clearly invented by a genius. A quick and tasty meal you can take on the go that requires little to no clean up effort… what’s not to love? Since we’ve already covered how much we love said foods, we thought we’d take this opportunity to focus on the original meal on a stick: the kebab.… Read more »

Guide to Sausages

Summer’s coming to a glorious end. If you’re a meat eater, perhaps you’ve had a chance to enjoy at least one barbecue, if not many more. One of my favorite things to grill, and I’m guessing they’re also one of yours, are sausages. But which kind? What flavor? There are so many types and combinations, we better investigate. … Read more »

The Nutrition Questions I’m Always Asked

From the playground to the Player’s Tribune events, I’m quite a popular gal. I’d like to say it’s my winning personality that draws the fanfare, but often it’s the fact that as a dietitian, I’m available to answer all of those nagging, personal questions about food and nutrition that leave you wondering…what’s the real story? It’s a common occurrence, from the mom at school who handed me her food diary to Kelly Ripa (the Kelly Ripa!), who, upon meeting her briefly, whipped out her protein bar and asked me to weigh in.… Read more »

Non-Powder Protein Smoothies

Our bodies need protein. Along with fat and carbohydrates, it’s one of the major macronutrients we need to function. Lately it seems that everyone is pro-protein, from athletes to average Joes, citing protein’s ability to do just about anything. Experts say you should get between 10% and 35% of your daily calories from protein. So how do you make sure you’re getting enough?… Read more »

The Coolest Hybrid Vegetables

What do you get when you cross broccoli with cauliflower? Broccoflower, of course. It’s just one of many hybrid vegetables or fruits you might already be eating. And though new ones take many years to perfect before they hit the market, there are likely many more on the way. Let us introduce you to a few of the most interesting ones.

Read more »

Guide to Asian Greens

We’re just a tiny bit obsessed with greens over here at Luvo (evidence can be found here and here. They’re tasty, very good for you, and you have so many options to choose from. That being said, we have yet to delve into the wonderful world of Asian greens!

Here’s a rundown of greens commonly used in Asian cooking:… Read more »

How To Make Veggies “COOL”

Who liked vegetables as a kid? Okay, some of us did. Some of us were perfect children who ate everything our parents put in front of us, with a smile. Others of us did not do that. Some of us need to be coaxed, cajoled, and/or tricked into eating something healthy.… Read more »