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Activated Charcoal is a Thing?

It’s summer! Time to fire up the barbecue to cook up some delicious meats, vegetables, or veggie burgers over a glowing charcoal fire. But why limit the charcoal to the barbecue? If you’re hip to the latest health trends, you’ll know that charcoal, or, more specifically, activated charcoal, is something people are using more and more in a variety of ways for its supposed health benefits.… Read more »

Condiment + Sauce Swaps

Sauces, dips and other condiments boost the flavor factor of otherwise bland foods, and sometimes it’s more about the sauce than what they are saucing. My university roommates make fun of me to this day over my habit of requesting “stuff I can put ketchup on” after nights out at the local student pub. While there’s no doubt about the tastiness of a lot of … Read more »

Market Greens Salad with Corn Milk Dressing

What the heck is corn milk? It’s the liquid that forms once you strain blended fresh corn kernels along with some of the liquid from the cob (more on this in the recipe) – super fresh and full of flavour!… Read more »

What the Heck is Akvavit?

Many countries and regions have a special spirit that comes to reflect their heritage, culture and tastes. Greece has ouzo, Central and Eastern Europe have slivovitz, Newfoundland has screech, France has cognac, Armagnac and calvados, and Scandinavia has akvavit.… Read more »

How to Cook with Coconut Milk

Some foods add a certain flavor and character to dishes that can’t be easily explained, but that linger in your mind and stomach memory for a long time. For me, coconut milk is one of those items. Its silky texture and sweet taste make it an ideal base for a lot of foods, tempering the spicy, smoothing out the sweet.… Read more »

6 Unexpected Toppings To Try On Ice Cream

There are so many kinds of frozen deserts to scoop into these days. Fro-yo, gelato, sorbet… But sometimes you just want some good old fashioned creamy, churned ice cream. The kind that makes the hot metal spoon, you’ve warmed up under the faucet, steam when you slice into that cold block of deliciousness. … Read more »

Have You Been Saying These Foods All Wrong?

Here in North America, we’re lucky to have access to a broad range of delicious foods hailing from countries all over the globe. Unfortunately, that comes along with letter combinations that may be unfamiliar and therefore challenging for our tongues to pronounce. This can result in inaccurate and sometimes even indecipherable sounds, which can lead to general feelings of embarrassment and maybe even a few eye rolls … Read more »