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Veggies to Grow in Cool Climates

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of growing your own food. It’s kind of like you’re raising your own little plant children–you plant them and water them and tend to them and try to protect them from the elements so they can grow big and strong. Then it gets kind of messed up because you eat them, but you get the idea.… Read more »

How to Fit in More Fitness

Everyone is busy and no one has spare time. That’s the story we tell ourselves and others. Between work, family life, listening to podcasts, and more work, we hardly have time to sleep, let alone exercise. But we need it now more than ever. Our jobs have us sitting at our desks hours a day, and our commutes mean we’re in a car or on the bus for another hour. So how do you find time for fitness?… Read more »

Balls of Deliciousness

In There’s Something About Mary, Ben Stiller’s lovable character laments about his longing for the ability to enjoy a wider variety of meats on sticks. Forget the sticks… I would argue that foods in ball form are also deliciously convenient and don’t get the attention they deserve. Not only are balls great for on-the-go snacking just like the sticks, but they can also come in a variety of sweet or savory flavor combinations while packing a nutritious punch.… Read more »

Eat This, Do That

Office Edition

A couple times a week I fall into the “I’m too busy/tired/lazy to cook” zone. I find myself stranded with my debit card, knees-deep in the whole “French fries count as vegetables and anything that says ‘organic’ is good for me” internal reasoning that often comes along with ordering take-out food. Even though I eat really well 75% of the time, the other 25% usually consists of unconscious eating decisions that not only have an affect on my daily energy, but also come with those unwanted, invisible ‘extras’ like fat, preservatives, mystery ingredients, and, eventually, an extra notch on my belt buckle.… Read more »

Top 7 Recipes you HAVE to put bananas in!

If you think Bananas are just for monkeys, think again! National Banana Day is right around the corner and we are going to celebrate by honoring all the delicious banana-related recipes out there. Never again will you think of bananas as humble, plain, and ordinary – we guarantee you’ll be… Read more »

Sugar Recovery Plan

I’m all about moderation but there are some occasions where my sugar intake is bound to get out of control. Exceptionally rich restaurant desserts, chocolate-filled holidays like Easter and Halloween, and the all-too-familiar stress-induced impulse snacks are the usual culprits. I didn’t think this was a real issue until I realized that what I was putting in my body had the power to take me from fun-… Read more »

Ramps 101

I know spring has sprung when I start to see those weird curly things that kinda look like crazy green onions spilling out of the crates at the local farmer’s market. To be honest, I didn’t really know what ramps were until a few years ago, and when I finally learned, I didn’t have a clue what to do with them.… Read more »