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Seven Better For You Canned Cocktails for Summer

If anyone knows who started the canned cocktail trend, please pass along their name and address so I can send them flowers, chocolates, and all of my love and gratitude for changing the summer lounging game for the better.

Before the invention of canned cocktails, if you wanted to enjoy something other than beer while lounging by the pool, at the beach, or on a camping trip, you had to make do with a water bottle filled with an iced cocktail, slowly melting into a bland, watered down beverage. Now you can grab a few ice cold canned cocktails from a cooler and enjoy with out the hassle of mixing, breakable glasses, or carting around a bunch of different mixers.

Unfortunately, some canned cocktails can be shockingly high in sugar that can add up with a day of summer sipping. Here’s seven better for you canned cocktails you can sip without the sugar rush.

Seven Better For You Canned Cocktails for Summer c/o Luvo

Bloody Mary

Although drinking a bloody mary from a can does mean you’ll have to forgo the traditional celery stick garnish, it’s the perfect low sugar beverage if you’re starting your beach day early. Plus, the tomato juice is a very good source of vitamin A, vitamin C and folate. If canned isn’t your thing try this delicious recipe.

Seven Better For You Canned Cocktails for Summer c/o Luvo

Spiked Seltzer

There’s nothing better than having something cold, fizzy and refreshing to sip on in the heat. Spiked seltzer mixes fizzy water with alcohol, fruit juice or natural flavors, and just a hint of sugar. Most brands contain less than a teaspoon in one can.

Seven Better For You Canned Cocktails for Summer c/o Luvo

Coconut Water Cocktails

With sodium and potassium to help replace electrolytes, coconut water is known for hydration (of course, we should note that alcohol is dehydrating, so please don’t drink this like it’s a sports drink). For most brands, the majority of the sugar is naturally occurring with just a bit more added to bring out the flavor.

Seven Better For You Canned Cocktails for Summer c/o Luvo

Vodka Soda

Look for fizzy vodka soda in a variety of refreshing flavors – cucumber and grapefruit are two of my favorites. Most contain minimal amounts of added sugar, although it can vary from brand to brand so be sure to read the label!

Seven Better For You Canned Cocktails for Summer c/o Luvo


While technically not a cocktail, wine is the ultimate better-for-you alcoholic beverage, with multiple studies showing moderate wine consumption (1 drink a day for women, 2 drinks a day for men) may reduce the risk of heart disease. Plus, a can of chilled rose is a whole lot more convenient than lugging around a glass bottle!

Seven Better For You Canned Cocktails for Summer c/o Luvo

It’s important to note that alcohol is dehydrating. With the convenience of canned cocktails, it’s easy to drink a few more than intended. Be sure to alternate drinks with water, especially if you’re drinking in the sun where you’re loosing fluids through sweat. Packing a few cans of fruity (unspiked) seltzer to keep yourself hydrated.

What would you pack a canned cocktail for this summer? Share in the comments or on Twitter at @luvoinc. Be sure to unlock a coupon to use on your next Luvo purchase and download Luvo’s 7-day meal and fitness plan for more nutrition tips and recipes.

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