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Proven Health Benefits of Garlic

If it tastes good spit it out? Think again! One nutrition factoid I love to share with my clients is that the compounds in food that gives it flavor are often powerful health promoting nutrients. A perfect example of this is pungent garlic!… Read more »

The Truth Behind Turmeric

Chances are Turmeric wasn’t exactly on your radar before this year. But in the past nine months, after being named one of the foods to watch in 2016 and with Turmeric Lattes being declared the “drink of the year,” this bright yellow spice is starting to hit mainstream food culture.… Read more »

Snack Smart: What One Ounce of Nuts Look Like

If you’re looking for a healthy, filling snack, nuts are the perfect food to munch on. Packed with protein, fiber, and healthy fats, nuts slow down digestion helping to keep your hunger in check for hours. Despite being high in fat, nut consumption is linked to better weight control. Plus, the unsaturated fats and fiber found in nuts can lower … Read more »