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Nutrition Lessons from the World’s Healthiest Cultures

When people ask me, as a dietitian, about how to improve their health with nutrition, it’s almost always about the little things. Is gluten bad? How much sugar is too much? Is coconut oil okay to eat? What supplements should I take?… Read more »

Seven Ways to Transform Your Relationship With Food

When I first became a dietitian, I thought nutrition was all about what you eat. Now that I’m older, and somewhat wiser, I’ve learned eating well is more about your relationship with food. As I frequently tell my clients, it’s not you are what you eat, but rather you are… Read more »

What is Mindful Eating

(and Why Should You Try It)

Nutrition and health are popular topics in the media, with dozens of articles published daily telling you what foods you should (and shouldn’t) eat. Much less attention is paid to discussing how we eat food.

The process of eating, and our attitudes around mealtimes, is just as important as what we put in our mouth. With long work days, busy lives, and food available everywhere we turn, much of the eating we do is done mindlessly. … Read more »

11 Beautiful Ways to Say Grace

Throughout history, people of all different cultures and religions have paused before a meal in order to express gratitude for the nourishment food provides. This practice not only leads to a more present and enjoyable eating experience, but also helps us appreciate the great communal effort that goes into growing, harvesting, and preparing each ingredient. Before your next meal, consider using one of these 11 ways to say “thank you”:

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How to Have a More Meaningful Meal

How often do you take the time notice the refreshing tang of a ripe blueberry, or the warmth of bread hot from the oven? Eating mindfully is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges we face when it comes to mealtime. Too often we find ourselves eating in front of the television, at our desk, or even in the car. Not only does distracted eating deny us the pure experience of a meal, but studies have shown that it can also lead to accidental overeating and weight gain. Eating mindfully allows us to press pause and enjoy the present moment.

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