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9 Healthier Post Breakup Foods

Few have made it to adulthood without experiencing the four stages of grief from a breakup firsthand. First, there’s denial. This is the stage when you show up at their house for the date you had planned a week earlier, presuming the “I think we need a break” was metaphorical. Then comes anger. Avoid the slightly-more-than-one glass (bottle) of wine and … Read more »

How to Make a Vegan Diet Healthier

People cut meat out of their diets for many different reasons, including concerns for animal welfare, health and the environment. As a registered dietitian, I definitely believe moving your diet closer to the plant-based spectrum is one of the best changes you can make to improve health! That said, while a vegan diet, which … Read more »

Vegan Myths, Busted!

It’s bound to happen, you’re making dinner plans with your friends to try that new steak house, when you learn that one of them is a newly minted vegan. Saddened at first that you won’t be trying that dry-aged t-bone the restaurant is famous for, you begin to wonder curiously, what exactly is a vegan? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! … Read more »

Spicy food is super good for you… or is it?

I’ve always been a wimp when it comes to spice. Hot sauce? Sriracha? No thank you. But I started to change my tune a few years ago and began experimenting with small amounts of the spicy stuff. Turns out, the heat does more than just boost flavor – it may actually have some health benefits. Like many things, there are both pros and cons to eating spicy foods. Consider the good and … Read more »

Fighting Obesity with Basic Nutrition

Luvo's 3-2-None Philosophy

We are passionate about telling the real story behind the link between preventable health conditions and the food we eat. We believe it should be easier to make good food choices, and we want to empower people to do just that. Nearly 38% of adults meet the criteria for obesity, and if you add the criteria for overweight, the number jumps to 71%. (1) Being overweight or obese puts … Read more »

Healthy Recipes with Canned Food

The Canned Food Challenge

It’s bound to happen, after months of grocery shopping and countless impulse canned food purchases, your kitchen pantry looks more like the canned food aisle at the grocery store than you know, your kitchen pantry. While it’s great you’re “stocked,” you may also be nearing the best by … Read more »

Nutrition Myth Busting: Health Halos

Part 2 of our Nutrition Myth-Busting series focuses on foods with “health halos.” How does a food earn health halo status? Usually it means that it has an attribute (like organic or natural) that seems nourishing, but the attribute doesn’t actually speak to nutrition. And often times, consumers are totally unaware of the fact that the food isn’t as nutritious as they think it is. Are you ready to bust these “health halo” foods? We take aim at some of… Read more »