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Everything You Need To Know About Ginger

How many times have you walked through your grocery store’s produce section and seen a bin full of funky-shaped, tan-colored, root-looking things? As you reach for that predictable bell pepper or bag of baby carrots, your eyes skim over that bin and you hesitate. You consider picking up one, but then hurriedly grab your pepper or carrots instead, because well, you know what to do with those. But you’re doing yourself a huge disservice because that root-looking thing or actually, … Read more »

This History of Salt

Most people today rarely think about salt, except when they’re trying to avoid eating too much of it, or biting into an under seasoned dish. But until recently, much of human history has revolved around the clear, crystalline substance.… Read more »

7 Ways Eating Chocolate Can Benefit Your Health

Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food. Even nutritionists can’t get enough of it (myself included). But is it actually healthy?

As it turns out, chocolate has a whole host of health benefits, with research linking it to everything from a lower risk of heart disease and stroke, to better concentration and less stress. Chocolate comes… Read more »

Ellie Krieger’s Luvo Meal Hacks

Play with your food! That’s right, we said it and we believe it! While we know our amazing line of frozen meals are perfectly delicious as they are, we love to see how people can create their own inspired dishes from them. That’s why our Fresh blog features so many of our favorite meal “hacks.” From turning bowls into wraps and oatmeal into parfaits, the … Read more »

Why Loving The Food You Eat Makes You Healthier

As a health conscious individual, I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of eating advice in your life. Eat kale. Don’t eat too much sugar. Drink plenty of water. Snack on fruit. Eat more whole grains. Cook at home.

Today, I’m going to throw in one more piece of advice that may be new to you – love the food you eat.… Read more »

4 Reasons You Should Chew Your Food More

Chewing is second nature to most of us. Insert food into mouth, chew, swallow, repeat. If you think about it, when was the last time you were actually aware of chewing? But just because chewing is a simple task, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to how you do it. Next time you take a bite of food, count how many times you chew before you reflexively want to… Read more »