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Healthy Recipes with Canned Food

The Canned Food Challenge

It’s bound to happen, after months of grocery shopping and countless impulse canned food purchases, your kitchen pantry looks more like the canned food aisle at the grocery store than you know, your kitchen pantry. While it’s great you’re “stocked,” you may also be nearing the best by … Read more »

Nutrition Myth Busting: Health Halos

Part 2 of our Nutrition Myth-Busting series focuses on foods with “health halos.” How does a food earn health halo status? Usually it means that it has an attribute (like organic or natural) that seems nourishing, but the attribute doesn’t actually speak to nutrition. And often times, consumers are totally unaware of the fact that the food isn’t as nutritious as they think it is. Are you ready to bust these “health halo” foods? We take aim at some of… Read more »

Six Myths About Working with a Dietitian

Today is Registered Dietitian Nutrition Day, a day to celebrate the work of dietitians in advocating for the good health of people around the world, and to recognize their commitment to giving quality nutritional advice and services.… Read more »

How to Start a Meal Prep Routine

Sick of supper time stress? Trying to plan a semi-balanced and satisfying meal on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. Save yourself time, and money spent on takeout, by starting a weekend meal prep routine. … Read more »

16 Healthy and Portable Energy-Boosting Snacks

Many of us reach for a snack during the mid-afternoon workday slump, or after dinner while we’re watching TV. In fact, a recent study showed that 94% of American’s snack at least one time per day, with half of all adults grabbing a snack two or three times each day. That’s a lot of snacking!… Read more »

Everything You Need To Know About Ginger

How many times have you walked through your grocery store’s produce section and seen a bin full of funky-shaped, tan-colored, root-looking things? As you reach for that predictable bell pepper or bag of baby carrots, your eyes skim over that bin and you hesitate. You consider picking up one, but then hurriedly grab your pepper or carrots instead, because well, you know what to do with those. But you’re doing yourself a huge disservice because that root-looking thing or actually, … Read more »

This History of Salt

Most people today rarely think about salt, except when they’re trying to avoid eating too much of it, or biting into an under seasoned dish. But until recently, much of human history has revolved around the clear, crystalline substance.… Read more »