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Grocery Nutrition Myths Busted

We love dispelling rumors, especially when it comes to food and nutrition. We’re cutting through the “noise” to give you the truth about the multitude of myths floating around in the media and likely at your gym or juice bar. Leaving no rock unturned, we’re tackling everything from should you wash that already washed bagged lettuce to is that cup of java in the morning setting you up for serious dehydration?… Read more »

6 Nutrition & Fitness Myths Debunked

There is a lot of confusion out there when it comes to nutrition and exercise. Here are the six nutrition and fitness myths that I hear most frequently. … Read more »

Six Myths About Working with a Dietitian

Today is Registered Dietitian Nutrition Day, a day to celebrate the work of dietitians in advocating for the good health of people around the world, and to recognize their commitment to giving quality nutritional advice and services.… Read more »

7 Nutrition Myths Busted by Experts

One of my favorite lines of all times is “science is not opinion.” (I admit, I’m a science geek!) Certainly, health professionals need to interpret science and even form an opinion about it, but too often, the media, pseudo-experts, and well-meaning friends and neighbors share opinions about nutrition that aren’t rooted in actual science. It’s this kind of widespread sharing of inaccurate … Read more »