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How to Make a Vegan Diet Healthier

People cut meat out of their diets for many different reasons, including concerns for animal welfare, health and the environment. As a registered dietitian, I definitely believe moving your diet closer to the plant-based spectrum is one of the best changes you can make to improve health! That said, while a vegan diet, which … Read more »

Luvo Hack: Natalie’s Hawaiian Un-fried Rice Planted™ Tuna Poke Bowl

Crispy sautéed kale. Crunchy, peppery arugula. Tangy, smooth avocado cream drizzled on top. It’s not hard to see why this Luvo hack has become a signature dish around our house. Tons of fiber and tons of flavor are always good in my books. Make yourself a hearty bowl of this and see for yourself why it’s in my regular rotation.… Read more »

Try These 25 Plant-Based Protein Recipes

Chances are, you’re eating enough protein. The typical American diet is high in protein, and most adults get ample amounts. While you may be meeting your protein goals, one thing you’re probably are lacking? Plant-based protein. Even die-hard carnivores can benefit from eating more plant-based protein. The plants highest in… Read more »

Vegan Myths, Busted!

It’s bound to happen, you’re making dinner plans with your friends to try that new steak house, when you learn that one of them is a newly minted vegan. Saddened at first that you won’t be trying that dry-aged t-bone the restaurant is famous for, you begin to wonder curiously, what exactly is a vegan? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! … Read more »

7 Protein-Packed Vegetables You Should Be Eating

Vegetables aren’t always talked about as a go-to source of protein. They’re often described in ways that highlight (but also isolate) certain nutrients: spinach is a good source of iron, artichokes are rich in fiber, and avocados are loaded with healthy fats. All true statements, but these descriptive lines can make it easy to forget that whole foods naturally come as a package of numerous nutrients. Yes spinach serves up a hearty dose of iron, but fiber, vitamins A, E, and K, folate, riboflavin, calcium, … Read more »

Vegan Carrot Cake in a Mug with Coconut Cream

Mugs can do much more than hold your favourite hot beverages. They’re also great for making just one or two servings of something delicious to eat. In fact, you can make a variety of snacks
and desserts using a mug and your microwave, which is exactly what our in-house culinary genius Gabriel Cabrera (The Artful Desperado) did with this recipe. It’s a decadent carrot cake in a mug with … Read more »