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Which Food Emoji Are You? (Quiz)

Like it or not, emoji have become an extremely popular form of communication. Why waste time typing out a descriptive sentence about your mood or activities when there’s a perfectly cute little icon you could use instead?

The emoji you use most say a lot about your personality… especially the food-related ones if you’re a food lover! Have you ever wondered which food emoji expresses your personality? You COULD simply consult the ‘frequently used’ category on your phone, but that would be cheating, and also NO FUN! Find out which food emoji represents your uniqueness by taking this totally scientific quiz!

Which emoji did you land on? Share you answer in the comments below!

20 thoughts on “Which Food Emoji Are You? (Quiz)”

  1. Lori Williams says:

    You got the Birthday Cake Emoji!
    You’re a sweetie with a heart of gold, and you make every day count!
    That was fun!! Thank you!

  2. chris conanan says:

    birthday cake emoji

  3. jennie sides says:

    pizza emoji

  4. tom sides says:

    taco emoji

  5. Janice says:

    You got the Taco Emoji!
    You have an adventurous spirit and love to try new things!

  6. Christin says:

    Birthday cake! I’m a sweetheart with a heart of gold!

  7. gail lee p says:

    You got the Avocado Emoji!
    You keep up with all the latest food trends, especially the healthy and delicious ones!

  8. “You got the Birthday Cake Emoji!
    You’re a sweetie with a heart of gold, and you make every day count!”

  9. Jessica Padilla says:

    I got the avocado emoji. Yum I love avocados

  10. Hollie Newlin says:

    Got the Pizza emoji! 🍕😋🍕

  11. Jennifer Luscombe says:

    I got the taco emoji 🌮

  12. hgycta says:

    Birthday cake emoji!

  13. Emily S says:

    Birthday Cake Emoji!

  14. Candace Galan says:

    I got avocado emoji

  15. Dan S says:

    Pizza emoji

  16. orchidlady01 says:

    I got the Birthday Cake Emoji!

  17. Dianne G. says:


  18. Mary W says:

    🍿I got popcorn!

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