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Chicken Chile Verde Salad


Try this delicious take on one of Luvo’s classic entrées.

Thai Iced Tea


Looking for something a little exotic-tasting to sip on during the dog days of summer? Try this version of a classic refreshing treat with a Thai twist. Mason jar optional.



A staple in Korean cuisine, kimchi is super versatile and goes well with almost any dish that needs a spicy touch. Word of advice: kimchi is quite bold, so make sure you put the whole thing in an airtight container and covered with a sealable plastic bag.

Orange Creamsicle Syrup


Try this take on an old favorite next time you’re looking to add a little sweetness to your dessert or homemade soda.

Classic Chocolate Syrup


This decadent condiment recipe is sure to please every chocolate lover in your life.

Cherry Raspberry Syrup


Cut down on unwanted additives and preservatives with this simple syrup recipe.