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Food should be delicious.

If it doesn’t make your mouth water and your heart happy, you won’t want to eat it. We’ve crafted our recipes with a food lover’s dedication to freshness, variety and flavor. We pride ourselves on coming up with dishes for every taste, including a selection of vegetarian and vegan options. Browse through our menu to learn more about what we’ve been up to in our kitchen.

Good food needs to be accessible.

Maybe you’re short on time. Or sticking to a budget. Or you’re on the go and just can’t find any good options. We want to solve these problems by making Luvo easy to find—not just in stores—but in places where you least expect to find wholesome food. At work, at school, in airports—even at 35,000 feet. Give us your zip code and we’ll help you find Luvo near you.

Food should be good for you.

Every body is different, but one thing we all need is good nutrition. When it comes to balanced, nutrient-dense ingredients, Luvo won’t compromise. We also promise to keep our dishes free of artificial ingredients and trans fat. We keep the sodium and calories low, and only use meats raised without antibiotics and hormones. You can find more details in our FAQ, or by reading our menu.

Good food changes everything.

We know from experience how a healthy diet and lifestyle can transform your life. But as we’ve built this company, we’re learning how our business practices can help change the industry—and the world for the better. So we’re making every effort to support farmers and suppliers with people-, animal- and planet-friendly practices. Of course this is a work in progress, but we’re committed to making a difference and improving as we go. You can learn more specifics about our practices in our FAQ.

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