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  • Five Tips to Cut Sugar from Your Kid’s Breakfast

    Rarely do nutrition studies all come to the same conclusion. But after dozens of studies over many decades, the verdict is clear – kids need to start their day with a nourishing breakfast to perform their best at school. Kids who eat breakfast do better academically because it provides

  • The Best Breakfast Foods for Runners

    In order to have enough energy to fuel your run – whether that be an early morning run or interval training after work – you need to eat breakfast. After fasting overnight while you sleep, your body needs fuel to rev your metabolism and give you energy for any subsequent exercise.

  • 9 Breakfast Sandwich Recipes That Are Actually Healthy

    When I was younger, I didn’t like eggs (hard to imagine now!), but I would regularly swing by a fast food drive through and grab a sausage and cheese biscuit for breakfast. It was quick and easy and meant that I didn’t have to think about what to make. One of the most common phrases […]

  • Boost Your Brainpower with Breakfast

    Mornings can be rushed, especially with the kids heading back to school this month. Between getting your kids (and yourself) ready and out the door, breakfast may fall by the wayside. The trouble is children need breakfast even more than adults. Research shows multiple breakfast benefits in school-aged kids, including:

  • Dietitian Approved: Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas

    Open the pantry, pull out the gluten-free cereal, grab a bowl, pour in GF cereal, add milk and eat. Does this breakfast routine sound familiar? While there’s nothing wrong with those whole grain GF flakes and clusters, perhaps it’s time to add some variety to your a.m. meal. In fact, following a gluten-free diet, doesn’t […]

  • Building a Breakfast Board

    With breakfast, timing is everything. Coordinating a hot meal with everything coming together at just the right moment is sometimes just too hard for a weekend morning—especially if you’re entertaining friends or family and you’d rather be chatting. The breakfast board is the perfect solution. It lets you pull together a bunch of different elements, […]

  • Breakfast Picnic 101

    When spring arrives, my first thought is “time to picnic.” It’s warm, the sun’s out (most of the time), the grass is green, and I’m on the hunt for some small tomatoes and strawberries to eat on a blanket. Usually picnics are afternoon or evening affairs, when the sun is at its peak, or casting […]

  • Breakfast Hacks to Start the Day Off Right

    Ding ding! Your iPhone alarm just went off and you have to have a shower and eat and get out the door because you have to be at the office for a meeting soon! Hope that wasn’t too traumatic—I just wanted to recreate the feeling of rushed panic most of us have in the morning […]

  • Adult Slumber Party Breakfast

    Whether you’re crashing on the couch after a friend’s house party or you’re just straight up throwing a slumber party with your pals (and you’ve long since graduated from elementary school), enjoying breakfast together the next day while reliving the previous night’s adventures is always lots of fun. Sure, going out for brunch and mimosas […]

  • The Full Irish Breakfast

    As we continue to celebrate all things delicious at this time of year, we turn our attention to another Irish treasure: the traditional Full Irish Breakfast. Legend has it that this hearty breakfast was the Irish farmer’s favorite way to start the day and fuel up for long hours of strenuous farm work… and hearty […]

  • Brinner: Breakfast for Dinner

    Literally meaning to break the fasting period that began the prior evening after dinner, breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, giving us the energy we need to get up and get going. Foods we associate with breakfast here in the west include eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, hashbrowns, and pancakes, usually served […]

  • Rise and Dine—4 Breakfast Problems Solved

    You’ve heard it before: Eat breakfast! Mom was right, and for many reasons. Breakfast gives your brain the energy it needs to focus, so you can tackle your to-do list and function at your best level. Another perk: breakfast reboots your metabolism

  • How to Make the Perfect Breakfast for Mom

    There’s no better gift for a busy mom than a little extra sleep, so why not surprise her with a leisurely breakfast in bed? Here’s everything you’ll need to “wow” her this Sunday:

  • Diet Detective: Annual Airline Food Investigation 2017-18

    The Thanksgiving holiday season is traditionally the busiest travel time of the year, and 2017 is expected to be the busiest since about 2005. Airlines for America (A4A), the industry trade organization for the leading U.S. airlines, predicts that 28.5 million passengers will travel on U.S. airlines during the 12-day Thanksgiving travel period. This number […]

  • Brighten Up Your Winter with Citrus Smoothies

    Think smoothies are just for summertime? Think again! These smoothie recipes feature immune-boosting citrus fruits, just in time for cold and flu season. Savor the flavors of tangy citrus while getting a glass (or bowl) full of vitamin C and antioxidants. Here are 11 of my

  • 8 Signs Your Blood Sugar May Be Too High

    You start your day with breakfast every morning, usually eating a bowl of whole grain cereal or oatmeal, along with some fruit and a glass of milk. But, there are those rare days when you choose to forgo that nourishing breakfast and opt instead for that pile of pancakes topped with maple syrup and ice […]

  • Weekly Meal Prep in 3 Steps

    Planning ahead is not only essential in order to ensure that you have healthy food on hand, but it will save you both time and money every week. Meal planning and prep doesn’t have to take hours. Follow these three simple steps to start building a meal prep routine.

  • A Dietitian’s Top Meal Planning Tips

    When my clients hear me say “meal planning”, they envision hours spent slaving in the kitchen prepping, chopping and cooking for the week. But meal planning doesn’t have to be that time consuming – spending even 30 minutes each week can help set you up for meal success. Try these six tips and get your […]

  • Airbnb Fridge and Freezer Guide

    You made your flight, brought your list of must-see sights, and arrived at your destination. Now, the only thing left to do is decide what to eat. Let’s be honest, that’s one of the best things about traveling. Here’s our guide on how to stock your fridge or freezer at your rental home, apartment or […]

  • 7 Foods to Make You More Productive

    Think about a day in the last week when you were most productive. Now ask yourself, what did you have to eat for breakfast and lunch that day?

  • How to Fuel Your Next Netflix Binge

    The next episode will start playing in 5 seconds. Hurry – grab your next snack before the next episode starts. We’ve all been there – “accidentally” spending countless number of hours watching our favorite series. Binge-watching Netflix is a serious thing. It takes commitment, skill, and snacks… a lot of snacks.

  • 5 Must-Have Pantry Items for Fall

    With the seasons changing, so will mealtime. The fall season brings cool crisp breezes, colorful leaves, leaving us craving cozy and comforting meals. Stock your pantry with 5 useful versatile ingredients to whip up fall-inspired recipes.

  • 6 Tips From A Nutritionist When You Don’t Want To Cook

    Back-Up Plans For Non-Cooking Days It’s not difficult to find recipes, cooking tips and kitchen hacks all over the internet, all of which are supposed to make getting a meal on the table quicker and easier. But where are the tips for the nights when you just don’t feel like cooking? As the Seamless ads […]

  • Thanksgiving: What to Eat Before, During and After

    Thanksgiving has become ingrained in our culture as a holiday all about eating…and we’re supposed to eat as much as possible. This year, let’s change that perception, while still enjoying all the great food the Thanksgiving meal has to offer. Here are some strategies to

  • Iron: Why does it Matter?

    You may pump iron at the gym a few times a week, but your body pumps it continuously through the bloodstream every day. Iron is an essential mineral that can be found in our foods and is needed to make hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a part of the

  • Health Benefits of Coffee + Dietitian’s Coffee Orders

    But first, coffee. For many, coffee is a morning ritual that cannot be skipped. Coffee is a natural stimulant, which activates our central nervous system. Caffeine blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain, which leads to a stimulant effect. Within 20 minutes of consuming caffeine, you start to feel more alert with a better ability […]

  • All About Honey

    Have you purchased honey recently? If your store or farmer’s market is anything like mine, you’ve likely seen an influx in the varieties of honey available. Sure, there’s the traditional honey bear, but sitting around him are honey’s of all kinds – from

  • Secrets to Amazing Pancakes

    There’s nothing like a fluffy stack of pancakes, gently kissed with melted butter and drizzled with real maple syrup. If your pancakes could use an upgrade, make sure you’re following best practices, and try these expert tips

  • Dietitians Reveal the Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

    The amount of nutrition and weight loss information out there is overwhelming…and oftentimes completely wrong. When it comes to weight loss, it seems like anyone can claim to be an expert. To sort fact from fiction, I turned to my Registered Dietitian colleagues. Here are the biggest weight loss mistakes they see in their practices.

  • Quinoa, meet convenience: New products make whole grains less of a hassle

    Whole grains are trending. The National Restaurant Association declared them one of the top 20 food trends of 2017, multiple surveys report that consumers are seeking them out, and thousands of grocery items have been reformulated to include more in the past year. That’s a good thing because there is a tall stack of research supporting the […]

  • 8 Ways to Upgrade Scrambled Eggs

    To the untrained eye, scrambled eggs might seem like one of the dullest things you can eat and the easiest to prepare. Just whisk some eggs, toss them in a hot pan, scramble and voila! All of this considered, how do you explain the fact that Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs video has over 22 million […]

  • Pitaya or Dragonfruit: This Year’s Trendiest New Fruit

    Pitaya, or dragonfruit, is this year’s trendiest new fruit! While I’m normally not the type to get excited about “superfood” trends, I won’t lie, pitaya has won me over. We eat with our eyes, and with it’s vibrant pink skin, scaly green leaves, unusual shape and speckled flesh,

  • Tips for Feeding Your Child Athlete

    Kids are not mini-adults. Children have their own unique nutritional needs — especially athletic kids. But most child athletes aren’t eating or fueling properly in order to compete at their best. With the right nutrition, your young athlete can improve their sports performance,

  • College Meal Prep on a Budget

    College can be a lot of fun. It can also be very stressful and expensive. Eating healthy is super important for keeping your mind sharp and your energy high for all that vigorous studying, thinking and writing that must be done in order to succeed. It’s all too easy to grab not-so-healthy

  • Ask Yourself This Before You Eat

    I get asked on a daily basis what type of “diet” I prescribe too. I hate that word. Just because I’m a dietitian does not mean I’m a fan of a certain type of diets.

  • 6 Ways to Make Grocery Shopping Fun

    It’s one of those things we all must do at some point, whether we like it or not: Buying groceries. To be honest, I usually enjoy it. Strolling the aisles, taking time to slow down and think about what I want to eat that week. But of course it can feel mundane, like a chore. […]

  • What to Look for in a Smoothie Pack

    Smoothie packs are the trendiest way to enjoy your morning smoothie, and the most convenient. While making a smoothie in the morning doesn’t take much time, it can feel like eternity if you’re not a not a morning person or trying to get out the door after hitting the snooze button a few too many […]

  • Eat Well on Vacation Without Going Broke

    Time to relax and enjoy some vacation time, but this doesn’t mean taking a vacation from your healthy lifestyle. Eating well on vacation doesn’t have to break the bank. Try these money saving

  • Kiwi Recipe Round-up

    If thinking about kiwis only brings to mind dull, pre-made fruit salads, it’s time to get better acquainted with this summer fruit.

  • Hydrating Foods to Beat the Heat

    It’s important to stay hydrated, especially during the heat of summer when you’re losing extra fluids through sweat. But there’s no need to chug water all day long! Food can help contribute to your fluid needs – in fact, about 20% of your fluid needs are met through solid foods.

  • How To Fuel Your Body for Optimal Game Day Performance

    With the Canada Games fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to share my knowledge on how to best fuel your body for game day, or any day when you want to be at the top of your game, whether in sports, at school or at work. At B2Ten,

  • This is How Nutritionists Grocery Shop

    Healthy eating starts at the grocery store. In order to eat balanced, nutritious meals, you need to stock your kitchen full of good foods. But grocery shopping can be a daunting task, especially because there are so many choices. While you may walk into the store with good intentions, supermarkets are set up to tempt […]

  • Your Guide to the Healthiest Purple Foods

    Purple food is one of the hottest health food trends of 2017. But you don’t need a bottle of food dye to enjoy this trend. There’s tons of naturally purple foods, rich in the antioxidant anthocyanin, which gives food it’s purple hue. Anthocyanins have been studied for everything from cancer protection to cognitive function to […]

  • 10 Frozen Meals You Can Feel Good About Feeding Your Kids

    Frozen dinners get a lot of heat for being preservative-heavy calorie bombs, but not all are created equal. Sweet Earth Natural Foods Every busy parent needs a break, especially when you’re juggling a hectic work schedule and your kid’s even more hectic load of extracurricular activities. Frozen meals can be a good alternative on those […]

  • Healthy Road Trip Snacks

    Ah road trips. Nothing screams “summer” and “freedom” like a car full of friends and family and the open road ahead. Road trips are often synonymous with eating, so that car is also probably full of food. What is it about being in a car that makes you want to eat lots and lots of […]

  • 7 Simple Cooking Hacks for Better Health

    I would be doing everyone a disservice if I claimed that cooking healthy at home is a zero work, ultra convenient commitment. The truth is, it often involves extra time, shifts in lifelong behaviors, and breaking out of comfort zones. But, that’s okay. Accepting that investing in your health isn’t always easy and comfortable is […]

  • This is How a Dietitian Spends $80 at the Grocery Store

    Shopping for nutritious and tasty meals to prepare at home doesn’t have to break the bank. Look for versatile ingredients that can be used in multiple meals or double as snacks, pay attention to sales, and keep it simple in the kitchen.

  • Genius Alternatives for Everyday Kitchen Tools

    How satisfying is it when you discover a genius alternate use for a kitchen gadget? You can’t help but feel like MacGyver, splicing together random items to save that day in the nick of time. Maybe it’s not quite that dramatic, but it certainly helps you save kitchen space when you can use one item […]

  • Why Eating Outdoors is Better for You

    Eating lunch in the office may seem like the easiest move, especially in the midst of a busy workday. But a quick break, especially if you can get outdoors to eat, can do wonders for your concentration, stress levels, and creativity.

  • Try These 25 Plant-Based Protein Recipes

    Chances are, you’re eating enough protein. The typical American diet is high in protein, and most adults get ample amounts. While you may be meeting your protein goals, one thing you’re probably are lacking? Plant-based protein. Even die-hard carnivores can benefit from eating more plant-based protein. The plants highest in

  • What the Heck is Couscous?

    While most people think of couscous as part of the grain family, it is technically a teeny tiny pasta made with semolina wheat. It’s a staple in North African cuisine, often served with a hearty stew spooned on top. Because of its small grain it cooks very quickly, making it an almost

  • Five Trendy Condiments You Should Snag Immediately!

    When it comes to stocking your fridge with condiments, look beyond the usual suspects. Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and jelly, are all must-haves, but not so useful for jazzing up easy weeknight meals. A unique condiment or two is all it takes to turn a simple recipe into a gourmet creation. Trendy new condiments are great […]

  • Healthy Recipes with Canned Food

    It’s bound to happen, after months of grocery shopping and countless impulse canned food purchases, your kitchen pantry looks more like the canned food aisle at the grocery store than you know, your kitchen pantry. While it’s great you’re “stocked,” you may also be nearing the best by

  • Luvo Store FAQs

    About Luvo & Luvo Meals What does Luvo mean? Luvo [loo- vō] has Latin roots, and loosely means to give aid or strength to accomplish a purpose. To us, Luvo is a person who takes care of themselves so they can in turn, care for others. Luvo is a movement that sparks the belief that […]

  • Delta Air Lines Is Bringing Back Free Food

    Complimentary meals will be offered on cross-country routes starting March 1. Delta Air Lines has announced that it will begin serving complimentary fresh meals on select routes starting next month. Beginning March 1, Delta’s transcontinental passengers flying between New York City’s JFK airport and LAX and SFO will be the first to be given free meals. Then […]

  • Pulses: Protein-Rich Superfood

    Pulses were one of the biggest food trends to come out of 2016, and we haven’t seen the last of them yet. If you aren’t sure what this protein-rich superfood is, keep reading. Pulses are part of the legume family, and are better known as beans and lentils. Peas, chickpeas, lentils, and dried beans like

  • 13 Sweet Cherry Recipes

    Did your first encounter with a cherry go something like this? You were kid and at a wedding or out to dinner and your parents ordered you a Shirley Temple. Of course you didn’t know what that was, but you were super excited to see that it included what looked like a bright red, sweet […]

  • Bored With Plain Old Oatmeal? Try These 7 Savory Oatmeal Recipes

    While food trends come and go, oatmeal seems to be in it for the long-haul. It is a quick and easy meal, perfect for rushed mornings, and is one of the few comfort foods that also happens to be good for you.

  • 6 Healthy Frozen Food Brands that Are Actually Delicious

    Frozen food has long had a bad reputation: rubbery texture, a burnt taste (or complete lack of flavor), and the frustration of that cold center, even after microwaving far longer than the box recommended you should. These days, we’ve become hyperaware of what’s in our food, and health-conscious folk have turned their noses up at […]

  • How is Peanut Butter Enjoyed Around the World

    In the canon of uniquely American foods, peanut butter certainly has a place of prominence. If you ask individuals from other countries how they enjoy peanut butter, the surprising answer from many might be “We don’t.” That’s right, many people outside the U.S. don’t touch the stuff (including the French and Italians, but what do […]

  • 6 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Actually Be Making

    A new year brings a fresh start, which is why over 40% of Americans will make New Year’s resolutions. But despite all their good intentions, only 8% will keep their resolutions. Here’s why those resolutions fail, and how to make better goals that you can actually achieve.

  • 7 Unexpected Uses for Yogurt

    A few things you may not know: we have ancient herdsmen in the Middle East to thank for accidentally creating yogurt, Danone (aka Dannon) debuted as the first yogurt factory in the world in France in 1932, and the Turks have been writing about the health benefits of yogurt since the 11th century.

  • What Type of Buffet Enthusiast Are You?

    Happy National Buffet Day! Yes, today is a “holiday” dedicated to eating as much as you feel like from a huge table of options. Where did the day come from? Who’s behind it? All those questions and more are swirling around my head. And if you were to declare a day National Buffet Day, would […]

  • Christine’s Favourite Cauliflower Recipe

    Cauliflower is a wonderful vegetable that you can prepare in a plethora of delicious ways. It’s packed with vitamins and nutrients and it couldn’t be easier to incorporate it into your regular menu at home. If you’re ever not sure how to prepare cauliflower, simply break it up into florets, toss it in your favorite seasonings […]

  • Meal Related FAQs

    DR. HYMAN’S 10-DAY DETOX MEALS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: Why did you create the 10 Day Detox Meals with Luvo? A: Although I believe in reinvigorating the art of cooking and I enjoy making meals at home, I also understand that in our time-pressed lives, sometimes a huge to-do list takes over, and even people […]

  • The Five Ways You Should Be Using Maple Syrup

    A pancake or waffle isn’t complete without a perfect drizzle of pure maple syrup. But maple syrup is more than just a condiment for your breakfast food, it can be used in so many other delicious ways. Up for the maple challenge? Then how about giving these five ways to use maple syrup a try. 

  • Delta Introduces New Snacks, Might Bring Back Free Meals to Economy

    An amenity of the past could be coming back to economy fliers. Complimentary meals may seen like an amenity of the past for passengers flying economy on U.S. carriers, however Delta Air Lines is testing bringing the service back on routes between New York and California. While several airlines have brought back at least some complimentary snacks to economy, Hawaiian Airlines […]

  • Delta Air Lines considers bringing free meals back to economy

    Famed economist Milton Friedman once said “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” But for decades airlines provided passengers with free lunch, dinner, breakfast and snacks– until doing away with the perk several years ago due to a combination of rising costs and the ability to charge for ancillary fees as a new revenue […]

  • 31 Delicious Packaged Foods That Actually Aren’t Terrible For You

    Fun fact: It is possible to eat a healthy, balanced diet that includes processed and packaged foods. The key is to know how to choose the healthiest options from what’s available. And btw, BuzzFeed Health reported on how to eat healthier processed foods here. Here is the criteria we considered when choosing items for this list: […]

  • The Best Airline Food Right Now According to an Expert Who’s Tasted It All

    Finding good food on a domestic flight is just about as rare as a traveler arriving to the airport to find no line at security. A great tasting and satisfying in-flight dish is a rarity up in the friendly skies, but that’s not to say that the U.S. carriers aren’t trying, at least according to […]

  • What Does ‘Eating In Moderation’ Really Mean?

    You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘everything in moderation’. I’ve used it myself as a way to refer to eating without restriction or eating without dieting. No one wants to feel like their eating is restricted, so moderation seems like a good word to describe how to make food choices.

  • What To Do With Pumpkin Guts

    PSL is a thing. You can pretty much find pumpkin-spiced anything. And maybe at the current moment, you’re pumpkin threshold has reached it’s maximum. But, before you sign-off on eating any more pumpkin, I challenge you to reconsider. Pumpkin is versatile, it tastes great, and it’s an easy way to boost

  • Nutritionists Favorite Way to Enjoy Chocolate

    When people find out what I do, they automatically assume that I eat fruits and vegetables all day. While I am a big fan of produce, my favorite food group is chocolate (followed by Greek yogurt as a close second). My friends and family would attest to this fact, having observed me many a time

  • What to Eat When You Have the Flu

    You know the saying “starve a fever, feed a cold”? It’s not true! In reality, it’s not about how much you eat but rather what you eat. Certain nutrients not only prevent illness but can help you feel better if you’ve come down with the flu.

  • Wholesome Hot Cocoa Recipes

    One of my favorite ways to warm up in the winter is with a steamy mug of hot cocoa. It’s brings back all the nostalgia from childhood, when I loved to spend snow days curled up with a blanket and a Babysitters Club book and watch the snow fall out our back window.

  • 9 Foodie Magazines to Inspire Your Recipes

    Bon Appetit This foodie magazine has been around since 1955 and you know what they say about things getting better with age. The sleek food photography alone is drool-worthy, but this magazine goes even deeper into the world of everything food-related to include travel, top rated restaurants, pop culture, events, celebrities in the kitchen, and […]

  • The Best Foods for All Day Energy

    The foods you eat have a tremendous impact on your energy level throughout the day. Many people turn to caffeine or sugar when they are low in energy (sound familiar?). While this can provide a short-term energy boost, it eventually backfires. The sugar and caffeine wear off quickly, and your body realizes that it has […]

  • 9 Food Artists You Should Be Following

    “Don’t play with your food!” Most of us heard that when we were kids, but not all of us took it to heart. There are many artists out there creating incredible and inspiring art using edible materials, or featuring food as the subject. From colorful cookies to icing sculptures, illustrations to imaginative pancakes—here are just […]

  • The Best Ways to Eat a Peach

    We are deep in the midst of prime stone fruit season which lasts from May to September, peaking in July and August. Peaches are one of my favorite of the stone fruit family. A perfectly ripe, fragrant, sweet peach dribbles sticky juice all down your face and arms (and you don’t even care, it tastes […]

  • Cantaloupe Recipe Round-Up

    Summer time means melon time! During the warmest of the summer months, the grocery stores and farmers markets are literally exploding with melons. How lucky for us, as these round globes not only taste amazing, but also pack some serious nutrition. Picking a good melon is key to getting the satisfying sweetness they’re known for—and […]

  • Six Heirloom Grains You Should Try Immediately

    As local farmer’s markets have surged in popularity, so have heirloom fruits and vegetables, old varieties, grown from seeds usually passed down by families. These plants were prized for taste, not durability, like many modern varietals. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to enjoy a juicy slice of heirloom tomato on your summer BLT or sink […]

  • How to Stock a Dorm Room Fridge for Success

    Most adults look back at college and reminisce, saying it was the best four (or five!) years of their life. College is a time to make lifelong friendships, start to discover who you truly are and who you want to be, and make more than a few funny and sometimes embarrassing memories! But one thing […]

  • Hack your lemonade with these 4 lemon-upgrades

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. We all know that. But what if you don’t feel like plain old lemonade? You’re aiming for something a few degrees higher on the lemonade-intensity scale? Simple: you take your lemonade and hack it in some way to make something entirely unique and totally special. You will not […]

  • Russell Wilson talks kids, healthy eating, and Seahawks

    Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson sat down with KING 5’s Joyce Taylor for the “Breakfast at the Beach” event at Gas Works Park. It helps raise money for Seattle children who don’t have access to healthy food. Wilson talked about the importance of eating healthy and discussed the upcoming Seahawks season. Joining Wilson were Luvo’s CEO […]

  • Re-Light Your Work Fire Before You Get Fired

    We’ve all been through a period where our passion for work has waned. Maybe you’ve just finished a big project and everything else feels mundane, or maybe you’re feeling underused and uninspired. Sometimes when you’ve got new interests outside of work, it can leave you feeling like your current gig just isn’t doing it for […]

  • Is Eating Sugary Fruit Ok?

    Between the headlines screaming “SUGAR IS TOXIC!” and the many detoxes and cleanses and diets that eliminate fruit (whether all forms or a certain variety, like tropical fruits), it’s no wonder you’re mixed up when it comes to this naturally-sweet food. The truth is, you should be keeping an eye on sugars, but not all […]

  • Four Whole Grains You’ve Never Heard Of

    Whole grains are a tasty and wholesome addition to your diet. Studies show three servings a day can significantly reduce the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer. Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, whole grains provide your body with the energy it needs in a nutrient dense form. […]

  • 12 Unexpected Uses for Salsa

    Perhaps we have the rise of fast-casual Mexican restaurants to thank for the popularization of salsa. Or maybe it was the booming flavors of Tex-Mex and Southwest cuisines that made salsa a “thing.” When salsa arrived it was wildly popular, but it seemed to lack creativity. Every restaurant served it the same way – red […]

  • Steel Cut Oatmeal Parfait

    Starting your day off right is important. Just like you wouldn’t leave your house in the morning without brushing your teeth, why would you head to work or school without enjoying one of the most nourishing meals of the day? Eating breakfast sets you up for success! How? By helping you meet your daily quota […]

  • Your Guide To Milk

    These days if you “got milk” you could be sipping on one of many beverages. Depending on what you’re looking to milk out of the carton, one may be a better fit than others. Let’s look at five milks you might find yourself poring over: cow’s, almond, buttermilk, coconut, and soy.

  • Definition of Healthy: Marketing vs Reality

    Ahhh…1990s Friends, ER, and the sitcom Ellen, hit the airwaves. Ace of Base had three of the top 10 singles! (Who knew!) The decade brought us Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, Forest Gump, Titanic and the Lion King. And who can forget the scenes from OJ Simpson’s white bronco chase through Orange County in 1994?

  • Taking the Heat: Frozen meals change with the times through innovative products and packaging.

    TV dinners may have gone the way of rabbit ears, but today’s frozen meals are akin to smartphones and other highlights of personalized technology Just as providers of communication tools have innovated and adapted to reflect and meet the needs of users, so have frozen meal companies. Today’s freezer cases now include a growing variety […]

  • Mouthwatering Strawberry Recipes to Get You Ready for Summer

    Springtime brings warm weather, flowers, and of course, strawberries. Once I take my first bite into a plump, juicy strawberry, I know spring is officially here. The fruit harvest started down South in April and is making it’s way up the coast. Here in New York, fresh, ripe strawberries are beginning to pop up on […]

  • Daily Recommendations of Fruit and Vegetables

    If there is one thing that all nutrition experts agree on, it’s that everyone should eat more vegetables and fruit. Yet most North Americans don’t have any idea how much they should be consuming. It comes as no surprise then that a 2013 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that only […]

  • The Science Behind Carbohydrates

    Poor carbs. Even though the low carb craze of the late 90s has come and gone, carbohydrates still don’t get any love. It’s like there’s a little voice inside people’s head saying “BEWARE” every time they catch a whiff of a slice of bread! Today, we’re here to mythbust the idea that carbohydrates are bad […]

  • How to Beat Jet Lag

    We’ve all done it: flown somewhere across the country or the world that’s totally new and stunning, and spent the first several days in a jet lag-induced fog of epic exhaustion. Or worse: spent days in bed, when you want to be out sightseeing, or nights wide awake and unable to sleep or do anything […]

  • 5 Fresh Places To Picnic This Spring

    Picnics are one of my favorite things to do in the spring and summer. From spur-of-the-moment sandwiches on the lawn to well-planned feasts with friends—what’s not to love about spending time outside, among the trees and butterflies, enjoying great company and a plate (or three) of delicious food? Whether you pick the standard afternoon time […]

  • Here’s What an Olympic Athlete’s Training Schedule Looks Like (Hint: It’s Not Easy)

    Training for the Olympics is no joke, and few people have their formula down quite like swimmer Natalie Coughlin. The 12-time Olympic medalist knows a thing or two about consistency, as she’s been competing (and winning) for about two decades. This year, she’s gearing up for the Summer 2016 Olympics in hopes of qualifying for Team USA yet […]

  • Dietitian Approved: Good Mood Foods

    Food is often described with how it can benefit your body – think “heart healthy” or “builds strong bones.” But did you know certain foods can benefit your mood and brain health? Research has shown eating a diet rich in whole foods and plants and low in processed carbohydrates and added sugar is associated with […]

  • How ex-Lululemon CEO Christine Day is trying to persuade healthy eaters to take a fresh look at the frozen food aisle

    TORONTO — Christine Day makes for an unlikely frozen food evangelist. The ex-Lululemon CEO acknowledges there is likely not a supermarket category in more desperate need of a makeover than frozen packaged meals, following years of sales declines and a consumer shift towards fresh, “real,” unadulterated groceries. Moreover, the customer base Day is targeting with […]