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6 Dietitians Prove that Health Can Come in Many Sizes

How should one’s health be measured? Health needs to be determined by more than one variable.

For years at my annual doctor’s appointment, it was always recommended that I lose weight because my BMI fluctuates in and out of the “normal” range. Time and time again, I would feel frustrated after these appointments.… Read more »

7 Ways to Make Camping Food Better

It’s camping season. You know what that means: time to pack up our gear, head out into the wilderness and eat boring, bland meals. Right? No way! It doesn’t have to be like that. Here are a few ideas for making your food better when you’re roughing it in the sticks.… Read more »

Sparkling Watermelon Mezcal Canned Cocktails

Why make a cocktail in a can, you ask? Why not?! Sophisticated sparkling beverages in a can are all the rage right now, so we thought we’d elevate them even further. These canned cocktails are delightfully unexpected, undoubtedly delicious and surprisingly easy to make (plus you don’t need any fancy glassware to serve them!).… Read more »

Luvo Hack: Orange Mango Chicken Salad

Picnic season is upon us! Impress all your friends at the park or beach with this unexpected twist on our Orange Mango Chicken, courtesy of the Artful Desperado. It’s a refreshing and flavorful combination of stir-fry and classic cabbage slaw with an unmistakable kiss of sesame. Yum!… Read more »

How to Stick to Your Routine While Traveling

I travel a lot. Case in point: over the course of the past year I’ve spent over six months away from home. When I was younger, being in another city, state or country was less frequent and therefore felt more… Read more »

7 Kitchen Tools Dietitians Can’t Live Without

Ask a dietitian their favorite food or recipe and you’re sure to get a passionate response. Ask a dietitian about their favorite kitchen tools, and you’ll get some real insight into how to create their favorite go-to meals! Here’s a list of the top 7 kitchen tools dietitians can’t live without.… Read more »